Aldi is selling a $299 robotic vacuum that mops your floor as well

Aldi's Deebot robotic vacuum is on sale from Saturday March 16.
Aldi's Deebot robotic vacuum is on sale from Saturday March 16. Photo: Aldi

Robotic vacuums have now reached the stage where they live up to the hype - you can take it from us.

Having tested one out for ourselves, we can confirm they are a godsend for a household inundated with crumbs, dust and general mayhem that comes along kids.

Needless to say, we are pretty excited that Aldi is launching its Ecovacs Deebot OZMO 610 Robot Vacuum Cleaner for just $299 this Saturday March 16. It's a steal! 

The Deebot doesn't only vacuum - it's a machine of two talents. It also has a mop setting which will help your long-suffering floor along between cleans.

The clever device can be controlled remotely using the Ecovacs app, so you can monitor it from work, or set it going for an extra clean before you get home. 


Photo: Aldi

Here's the list of the need-to-know information to make your purchasing decision. It's from the Aldi website, where all the twice-weekly Special Buys are published each week.

  • Vacuum and mop combo for deep cleaning
  • Automatic charging
  • Stair safety technology
  • Obstacle detection technology
  • Use the Ecovacs app to schedule cleaning times, set cleaning modes and monitor status
  • Hard floor mode
  • 300ml reservoir
  • V-shaped main brush for more lifting of dirt and dust
  • Interchangeable suction inlet for collecting hairs, dirt and debris
  • Selective cleaning modes
  • High efficiency filter
  • Auto start at one touch

There are lots of other cleaning products on sale starting March 16, so check out the offerings over at

See you there! 

Photo: Aldi

Photo: Aldi