Aussie Dad makes $10,000 every December helping stressed parents: The 'trampoline whisperer'

Photo: Grant, the “trampoline whisperer”, helps time-poor parents bring that Christmas morning magic to life.
Photo: Grant, the “trampoline whisperer”, helps time-poor parents bring that Christmas morning magic to life. Photo: Supplied

It's 11pm at night and you've spent the whole day trying - and failing - to put a trampoline together. 

The kids are expecting it tomorrow so the pressure is on. 

Who do you call? If you're in Melbourne, you're likely to book in 'Grant P.' on Airtasker.

Picture: Getty Images
Picture: Getty Images 

The handy dad has built up a thriving business almost exclusively helping out stressed or time-poor parents with the intimidating looking assemblage. 

Estimates from the outsourcing marketplace platform put the his earnings at up to $10,000 per month, although Grant says that's only the good months.

The handyman got into the gig after being laid off a few years ago. Coming from a trades background and good with his hands and from Springfree to Vuly - he's yet to meet a model he hasn't been able to whip together.

It's been a big year with April having been as busy as December, as many parents scrambled for at-home entertainment during the first wave of COVID-19 lockdowns in Victoria. 

But bad news for those looking to solve their Christmas DIY dilemma - he's almost fully booked.

"I got my first Christmas Eve booking in June, by a very organised parent. That's the peak time, everyone is trying to get those spots now but i'm almost completely booked out," he said.


"If I didn't have to factor in travel, I reckon I could do 17 in a day, but I have about 12 bookings for this Christmas Eve."

While many manufacturers put the assembly as a two hour, multi-person job, Grant puts his timeframe closer to half-an-hour and he sometimes has a willing sidekick in his 15-year-old daughter. 

And at only $100 a pop - depending on the model and size, it's money many parents are happy to part with. Especially if they've tried and failed themselves. 

Grant on one of his recent jobs
Grant on one of his recent jobs 

"I get that all the time, I tell them I understand because the instructions aren't very straightforward, they're very vague. I tell them it's not their fault they stuffed up," he says.

"I get at least four to five calls like that a week, usually i'll be there the next day to fix it."

"A couple of years ago a job came up at 11pm when the parents gave up. I went back the next day and put it back to the base and got it assembled in 15 minutes and the wife filmed me doing it because she couldn't believe it!" 

​While he's yet to take any bookings for Christmas morning yet, Grant usually reserves three spots to help out on DIYs gone wrong.

"They're the jobs where parents realise late that they can't do it, so i'm usually there Christmas morning. There's a big satisfaction in that, seeing the kids react and not having known it was coming." ​

Every year Airtasker sees a massive spike in tasks posted during November and December as Aussies turn to the community marketplace to help pull off that Christmas morning magic - without the last minute panic or sleepless nights! 

And its not just trampolines - assembling cubby houses, creating personalised gifts and even helping put up Christmas lights and decorations are often high up the list of festive requests. 

"We love that Taskers can play part in making those Christmas dreams come true and help take away some of the stress - whilst making money from their skills at the same time!", says Airtasker CEO Tim Fung.