Best anti-allergy vacuum cleaners for a healthy home

Allergies are zero fun for the family.
Allergies are zero fun for the family. Photo: Getty


Aaaachooo! Is the act of vacuuming your home with your allergies practically blowing you away each time you plug in your vacuum cleaner?

You're not alone. Allergic diseases is one of the fastest growing chronic conditions in Australia with almost 20 percent of the population suffering from at least one allergic disease according to a 2014 report by ASCIA (Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy).

Hoover Allergy Powerhead Bagless Vacuum
Hoover Allergy Powerhead Bagless Vacuum 

A regular vacuum cleaner may trigger your allergies or asthma bringing on an attack. In fact when you vacuum, you release the bacteria, dust and allergens back into the air instead of removing them for good. A better option is to use an anti-allergy vacuum cleaner which works by trapping the smallest particles and does not release the air from its exhaust into the atmosphere.

We have rounded some of the best anti-allergy vacuum cleaners in the market to give you a cleaner, healthier home.

1. Hoover Allergy Powerhead Bagless Vacuum

Given the tick of approval by the National Asthma Council Australia as a sensitive choice product for superior filtration, the Hoover Allergy Powerhead Bagless Vacuum has seven different attachments for cleaning mattresses (pretty handy!), pet hair off your furniture,and a flexible brush for those difficult to reach places among others (no straining to reach those hard to clean places with this cleaner). It's lightweight and compact, good for small storage spaces and can be used on different floor types. RRP $899

2. Hoover Little Wonder Upright Vacuum Melon

This little whiz of a cleaner comes in three bright colours; lime, lemon and melon (perfect for girly girls) and is made for smaller spaces. Still anti-allergy, it only weighs 3kg and contains a powerful motorised head to pick up dust and dirt quickly. If you have carpet and on stairs, this is ideal for you! A steal at $299, it also comes with a one year warranty.

3. Dyson DC54 Allergy

The Dyson DC54 Allergy looks like something of the Transformers movie. It works even better according to customer reviews. The Dyson has no filters to wash or replace and no bags to buy which means no extra money or time spent washing filters or replacing vacuum bags. It's been approved by the National Asthma Council Australia for allergy sufferers. It's other best feature is it's easy and hygienic to empty after you've used it, press a button and down the dirt goes straight into a bin. RRP $899.

4. Electrolux Ultraflex ZUF4201OR (Allergy)

The Electrolux Ultraflex ZUF4201OR has received some good reviews from customers owing to its excellent filtration system (important for anti allergy cleaners) and ability to pick up 99.9 percent of dust. It's easy to clean after a vacuum and is quiet when in use. Ideal for cleaning many floor types and is a modest option for sufferers of allergies. Prices start from $345 at most major retailers. Image credit:


5. Sebo Automatic X4 Upright Bagged Vacuum

Last but definitely not least to make this list is the Sebo Automatic X4 Upright Bagged Vacuum which is suited to apartment living where storage space is practically non-existent!. It's anti-allergy and approved by the British Allergy Foundation. Can be used on different types of floors and is easy to empty. Prices start from $990. Image credit:

There you have it folks, a good list for you to read when searching for the right anti-allergy vacuum cleaner for your home. Check out Godfrey's which has a large selection of anti allergy vacuums at great prices which are given a star rating by customers and offers free delivery on orders over $99. Which other anti-allergy vacuum cleaners would you add to the list?