CHOICE dishes the dirt on the best paper towel brands - and the worst

Photo: Alamy
Photo: Alamy 

Most people use paper towel for one thing or another. They're just about essential for mopping up messes, capturing fat from cooked meat, lining your fridge drawers, cleaning and gardening.

But how do we know how effective the different paper towel brands are, when faced with a wall of choices in the supermarket?

CHOICE has just updated its paper towel rankings to suit the 2019 market, and there are some brands that really step up to the plate, with others decidedly inferior.

Throwing more money behind your paper towel purchases doesn't necessarily result in a better towel either, with two of the more expensive options making the top five "worst" list. That said, it should be noted that the cheapest paper towel was also the worst.

Of course many minds will be turning to the environmental impact of using paper towels, and with good reason. However there's no doubting the convenience of the paper towel and here are CHOICE's best and worst selections.

Make sure you check out how CHOICE ranked the rest over at the website.

1. Quilton Tuffy (4 ply)

- Score: 80 per cent

- Cost: $2.39 per 100 sheets



​2. Quilton Tuffy triple length (4 ply)

- Score: 77 per cent

- Cost: $1.89 per 100 sheets


3. Viva Multi-Use Cleaning Towel double length with bamboo (1 ply)

- Score: 76 per cent

- Cost: $2.48 per 100 sheets

paper towels


4. Viva Multi-Use Cleaning Towel with prints (1 ply)

- Score: 76 per cent

- Cost: $2.72 per 100 sheets

paper towels


5. Coles Ultra Absorbent Paper Towels (3 ply)

- Score: 75 per cent

- Cost: $1.67 per 100 sheets

paper towels

The duds

These are the ones which don't perform as paper towels should.

1. Woolworths Homebrand Paper Towels (1 ply)

- Score: 44 per cent

- Cost: $0.85 per 100 sheets

2. Keji Paper Towel Rolls (2 ply)

- Score: 49 per cent

- Cost: $1.24 per cent 100 sheets

3. Greencane Paper Towels (2 ply)

- Score: 50 per cent

- Cost: $2.49 per 100 sheets

4. Endless Economy (2 ply)

- Score: 53 per cent

- Cost: $1.25 per 100 sheets