Clever mum buys vending machine for kids to pay for their own treats

The Balsdon family and their vending machine.
The Balsdon family and their vending machine. Photo: Instagram

If your kids have been eating you out of house and home during isolation,then this clever mum may have found a solution!

UK mother Sarah Balsdon came up with the idea to put sweet treats inside an old vending machine, telling her children if they want something they have to pay for it with their pocket money, although healthy snacks are free.

In her Instagram post, the nurse and mother of four posted a picture of the vending machine, jokingly captioning it: "lets see if they can sneak sweets and treats now!

"So sick of the arguments about unhealthy snacks (especially with lock down)," she went on to explain. "So I have bought a vending machine! If they want sweets they can do things (chores, school work etc) to earn money for them.


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"The kids are very excited about this but not as excited as me!" she said at the end.

In a Facebook post, Sarah added her husband Kyle was "less excited" about the weight of the machine and the treats won't be too expensive.

"P.S. I'm not unreasonable I've put them in at cost price," she joked, adding in a comment, "the kids made us put our stuff in too."


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Sarah explained she has been looking for a machine for a while, which usually cost over £500. The thrifty mum managed to pick one up second-hand for £100 when a shop was closing down, saying she had to hunt around for a good deal.

People on Facebook and Instagram loved the idea, many saying they were going to look for a machine for their homes.

Sarah and Kyle Balsdon and their family

Sarah and Kyle Balsdon and their family Photo: Facebook

"I honestly think this brilliant. Well done, great lesson for them to learn," one woman commented.

"I would bankrupt me self with this," one woman laughed. "Fab idea though"

"Omg this is brilliant!" another declared. "I need to do this!"