Dad captures Tooth Fairy on camera and brings magic alive for five-year-old son

 Photo: YouTube/Action Movie Kid

When I was kid, getting a visit from the Tooth Fairy was up there with holidays, birthdays and Christmas. I would lie awake as long as I could, waiting for the flutter of little wings that singled the arrival of a shiny silver coin.

Of course, I never managed it – legend has it that the Tooth Fairy (like Santa Claus) can tell if a kid is sleeping (well, that's what my mum told me anyway). But now, through the magic of computer wizardry, a dad in the US has captured the Tooth Fairy on camera.

Daniel Hashimoto has form. Known for using computer generated imagery (CGI) to create amazing videos that feature his family, his work has a habit of going viral. In one such video his son, James (also known as Action Movie Kid), grips the helm of a playground sailing ship as it sails stormy waters, and in another, the five-year-old swings across a crocodile infested swamp.

Tooth Fairy caught on camera!
Tooth Fairy caught on camera!  Photo: YouTube/Action Movie Kid

This time, Hashimoto has used his skills to capture the magical moment that the Tooth Fairy slips through his son's bedroom window and retrieves a lost tooth from under his pillow.

When James lost a tooth, his creative dad helped him set up a video camera in his bedroom to record any nocturnal action. The next day, Hashimoto filmed James as he reviewed the footage.

"We caught the Tooth Fairy!" he yells to his dad in excitement.

The magical film was enough to convince James that the Tooth Fairy is real. In fact, the film is so convincing that it's probably enough to persuade any die-hard Tooth Fairy sceptic.

Hashimoto posted the film to YouTube on October 13 and it has already been viewed more than 107 thousand times. In the comments he reveals a bit about the night the Tooth Fairy came:


"Like many parents on Christmas Eve or the first time their child loses a tooth - I'll just say it was a long night. This was this Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. The first half of the video was already after James woke up in the middle of that night, so very small window for magic," he wrote.

And of course, he doesn't hog all the credit. "Couldn't have done it without Action Movie Mom," he adds.

The tooth fairy can be a source of contention among parents because of inconsistences in her behaviour. Some kids have been known to receive as much as five dollars per tooth, where as some children only get 50 cents. She has even been known to communicate via letter – it's all very haphazard.

But, while she is inconsistent, there is one thing she is guaranteed to bring – and that's magic. And as we all discover eventually, that's really what it's all about.