Dad furious after wife reads teen daughter's diary: 'Invaded her privacy'

The teenager was upset when she realised her mum read her diary.
The teenager was upset when she realised her mum read her diary. Photo: Getty Images

Being a teenager isn't easy, but one couple has discovered it's even harder if mum and dad are not on the same page - literally. 

A dad has posted to Reddit saying he is disappointed his wife read their 14-year-old daughter's diary behind her back, and he does not believe the teenager should be punished for being upset about mother's actions.  

The father said the problem arose when his daughter was "visibly upset" for a few days but wouldn't tell anyone why.

"My wife and I were naturally worried about her, but I told my wife not to push her to tell us about her problems and that we should let her come to us whenever she's ready," he explained.

Although his wife agreed with him, he was shocked to discover she had read their daughter's diary to find out what was happening.

"I told her that she shouldn't have invaded our daughter's privacy like this," he said in the post. "My wife said she only did so because she was too concerned about her and that she wanted to help."

The teen's dad thought she shouldn't have been punished for being upset.

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His wife discovered their daughter was having problems with her friends, and assured him she knew how to help by "casually" bringing up some of her own experiences with friendship problems and relating them to her.

Unfortunately, this backfired almost immediately when their daughter realised what was going on and accused her mum of reading her diary.


The argument continued with the two of them "screaming" at each other, until his wife told their daughter she was grounded for two weeks for being disrespectful and rude.

"I told my wife that she was being unreasonable because she was wrong for invading our daughter's privacy in the first place and our daughter's reaction was normal," the dad wrote.

"My wife remained silent so I went up to my daughter's room and sat with her for a while.

"I told her that it was wrong to yell at her mother but she had every right to get upset and because of that, she was un-grounded."

However, his wife was furious with him for changing the punishment.

"She said that our daughter is still too young and so she had the right to know what was going on in our daughter's life so she would know when to step in," he wrote.

Fellow Redditers agreed the man's wife should not have read their daughter's diary. 

"She not only read the daughters diary - which is a terrible thing to do, she then punished the daughter for being upset!" one person replied. "Daughter was allowed to be upset. Mum completely invalidated daughter."

"You were right to not punish your daughter for what your wife caused," agreed another.

"Your wife needs to understand that what she did was wrong regardless if she had the right intentions."