English family buy 40 metre slide for their backyard

If you think a ordinary slide is great, a 40 metre one must be ten times more fun.
If you think a ordinary slide is great, a 40 metre one must be ten times more fun. Photo: Getty

Rachel Betts is a strong contender for Mother of the Year after buying a giant 40 metre slide for her two young sons.

Betts was given the slide by her father Paul, who bought it from a local leisure centre in Suffolk, England, for $92.

The 26-year-old mum is reconstructing the slide on her two acre property for sons Oscar, 2. and six-month-old Oakley.

"I was absolutely shocked when dad said he had bought the waterslide, but I thought it would be brilliant to have in the garden," Betts told the MailOnline.

When her father Paul saw the slide being dismantled he thought it would be a great idea to rescue it.

"We have often used the slide over the years, and when I was taking my youngest daughter swimming I noticed them breaking it up," he said.

"I offered to have it and we ended up having 90 per cent of the black slide. Rachel's lucky to have a big garden and it fits in well and the children will be able to have amazing fun."

 The young mum said moving the slide from its original location was difficult.

"It was very tricky to get all the pieces here as they are so big and heavy, but we managed to use our truck and hire an articulated lorry," said Betts.


The slide had to be moved by separating it into 18 three-metre sections, and it took a week for the family to move all of it the 40 kilometres to Betts' home.

The family have finished reconstructing half of the slide, which will snake around her whole property.

If a slide by itself isn't good enough, the family are planning to eventually build a cubbyhouse at the top of the slide.

While the slide will stay dry, Betts says they might turn it into a waterslide every now and then.

"We're planning to use it as a slide most of the year round, but we may put a paddling pool at the bottom in the summer and use a pump to get water flowing through."

"Oscar is really excited about it and we're looking forward to it too. We're all big kids."

Bett's brother Shaun, 24, says the whole family has already tried their new play equipment out.

"We've all had a go on it, apart from nan and gran. It still needs a few improvements but we're getting there."

A spokesman for St Edmundsbury Borough Council spokesman told the MailOnline the re-homing of the 20-year-old slide worked out well for everyone involved.

"The old flume had come to the end of its natural life, having undergone several repairs in the past," said the council spokesperson.

"We are investing approximately £170,000 [$312,000] in a new flume which should be in place by early next year."

"As we understand it, the builder was approached by a member of the public who asked if he could take a few sections of the old flume to use as a feature in his garden."

"It would have cost money to put it into landfill and so the builder agreed that the man could take sections."