Exhausting: Mum's epic chores list sparks house cleaning debate

Photo: Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips / Facebook
Photo: Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips / Facebook 

The work of keeping four kids healthy, happy and active would be more than enough for anyone, and usually it's the house that takes a hit with so many to provide for.

That's not the case for one mum-of-four, whose incredible chores list to keep her busy family home in pristine condition, has gone viral.

Inspired by UK cleaning guru Sophie Hinchliffe, a.k.a. Mrs Hinch, the mum posted a photo of a handwritten list called "monthly cleaning tasks" on Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips. She credits her newfound organisational skills for helping her through a period of depression

She explained, "I had a short time where I really suffered with anxiety and depression and struggled to keep on top of it. But I'm getting help now and so much happier."

She divided the tasks into daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly categories for that ultimate feeling of control over her world.

Photo: Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips / Facebook

Photo: Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips / Facebook

Wow, that is one impressive job list.

Her daily tasks are daily cleaning tasks are: making beds, washing up, hoover downstairs, bleaching the toilet, cleaning kids' rooms, wiping sinks and kitchen sides, do a wash, empty bins and recycling, clean highchairs, tidying sofa cushions and shoe rack, deodorise the carpets and spray soft furnishings with Febreeze.


Weekly and fortnightly, she will vacuum the whole house, empty the fridge, clean skirting boards and disinfect the children's toys.

Once a month, she will clean her oven and shower curtain, sort and tidy her kitchen and bathroom cabinets, have the car cleaned and wash her couch cover and cushions.

After many comments like this - "Exhausted just reading the daily list..." - the mum pipes in to say she's not perfect and doesn't always get it all done.

She writes, "I would just like to add that sometimes I don't get all of this done - I am also self-employed and have four children so life is hectic!"

Most are in awe of her efforts. 

"I love that list. I applaud you if you can get at least half of it done," writes one person.

Another comments, "Love this - I am the list queen! A lot of the time I don't accomplish what I wanted but it's therapeutic to plan and write it down."

Let's face it, with kids, life and work to juggle, we say yes to whatever makes us feel more in control. Kudos to her.