'Has anyone ever seen the bottom of the washing basket?'

Has anyone ever seen the bottom of the washing basket?
Has anyone ever seen the bottom of the washing basket? Photo: Shutterstock

It's possible there actually isn't a bottom of the washing basket - it's just an endless pile of dirty washing that goes on into infinity.

Well, I reckon that's what this mum was thinking when she asked parenting forum Mumsnet this question: "When was the last time you saw the bottom of your laundry basket?"

And the answers all had something in common – not often.

"Mine was some time in 2012 I think…," was one reply.

"When I bought it when I moved into my first student house in 1996," was another.

"There's a bottom?" asked this woman.

Some people were excited because they had actually witnessed the miracle that is an empty washing basket, even for a fleeting moment.

"Today, first time since 2015! I know that as I've just found a jumper I last wore when I was pregnant," said one woman.

"Today for about ten minutes. It's half full again already, and the bedding needs doing," said another person.


While some people were annoyingly organised, like this woman: "Never – I don't have one! Everything is washed every night."

"I see mine most weeks AND the bottom of the 'ironing and putting away' basket. Mainly because a year ago I threw out the entire contents of the latter. Anything that sits for weeks (or months) waiting to be ironed has no place in my house!" said this person.

And this person had a good tip: "I see the bottom of mine every time I do the laundry. I have small laundry baskets on purpose so they don't get used as storage".

It seems there is a common theme for getting the washing under control – your kids grow up and move out of home.

"Mine is empty right now but I had to wait till the kids left home to achieve this!" said one empty nester.

"In September. When both my children left for university," said another.

However, this comment seems most viable: "There's a bottom. Holy f***, I thought it was a door to another dimension as it doesn't seem to be visible to the naked eye!"