'I could tell she was disappointed': Teen calls out dad for never buying her mum gifts

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Preparing for Christmas is no easy feat. Part of that planning often involves buying gifts for everyone, which can be a long and exhausting process.

Unfortunately, a lot of the time it's mum that ends up doing all the gift-buying, and sometimes she ends up being the one left without a present.

One teenager, realising this, called her dad out on Christmas morning, after she noticed he always receives thoughtful gifts from her mum, but he never reciprocates.

Posting to Reddit, the girl explained everyone in their family gets her mum a present on special occasions- except her dad.

"My mum always gets my dad nice presents though," she wrote. "This year alone he got a TV for his birthday, a smoker (he loves barbecue) for Father's Day, and a PS5 for Christmas. She got a flower from our front yard for Mother's Day and that's it."

Although this has gone on for as long as she can remember, the situation reached boiling point this year when her dad's side of the family was staying with them for Christmas.

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"When we were opening our presents, I looked over at my mum and I could tell she was disappointed that my dad didn't get her anything again so I asked my dad what he got her," she said in the post. "He got very red and didn't say anything.

"His dad asked him if he ever gets my mum anything and he answered no. His dad, brother, and sister called him an a--hole and asked me, my sisters, and my cousins to go to the game room."


The teen said her dad told her it was "very rude" to call him out in front of his family, and hasn't spoken to her since.

"AITA for calling him out?" she asked Redditers.

Turns out, Reddit users think her father should definitely be ashamed of himself, particularly as the teenager edited the post after to include that he always gets he gets himself very nice gifts for Christmas and his birthday including "an $800 computer and a new car this year".

"It sounds like it was long overdue given the fact that he never buys her presents, yet buys himself nice things all the time and that his own parents reacted the way they did," one user commented. "They obviously felt he was TA too. They probably have seen him in action for many years."

"I'm so glad OP called him out, and even more glad that they did it in front of other adults who would give the dad a piece of their mind," added another.

According to the girl, the message got through and her dad went out on boxing day and bought a diamond bracelet for her mum.

Let's hope he got the message!