'Imagine my confusion': Mum shares hilarious 'X-rated' Elsa doll moment

The mum shared her hilarious discovery to TikTok.
The mum shared her hilarious discovery to TikTok. Photo: TikTok

You can't get much more innocent than Elsa from Frozen, right?

TikTok users are in hysterics after a mother of twin girls posted a video of a rather 'adult' moment their Elsa doll was having.

The mum heard a 'strange sound' coming from the toy box and decided to share her discovery on TikTok, which showed the doll moaning over and over 'I really need to'. 

The toy has a function that usually speaks and moves, but was running out of batteries, causing it to writhe around and roll its eyes. 


Batteries are going flat - or house is haunted 🤷‍♀️ ##ghost ##elsa ##battery ##fy ##fyp ##inappropriate ##toys

♬ original sound - user2898426490158

The mum shared a clip of the the rather racy and X-rated Elsa, captioning it: "Batteries are going flat - or house is haunted."

 "Imagine my confusion when I heard this noise coming from the toy room!" she wrote on the clip.

"Elsa needs to calm down!"

The clip has been viewed over 21,000 times, with TikTok users finding the malfunction hysterical.


"So Elsa found Woody and Buzz?" one user joked.

"Elsa enjoyed it in there with the other toys," added another.

Others thought it was the crossover the world needs.

"Toy Story 5 gonna be wild."