Is this the most incredible cubby-house ever?

A cubby is a time-honoured childhood tradition, but here's one to rival all others. It took a year of weekends to build and a family kitchen renovation was sacrificed, but Adam Boyd says his daughters' two-storey playhouse was worth it.

The idea for the project was hatched when Adam, who owns a construction company in Michigan received an incorrect shipment of gable trusses for a job he was working on. The company never came to pick them up so he set to work on building the most amazing dad-built playhouse we've ever seen. And of course his children Avery, 5, and Violet, nearly 2, are enchanted with it.

Adam told Essential Kids it took five days for him and two friends to build the shell of the house. "After that I did 90 per cent by myself and it took a year. So I would work during the week for customers running my business and on the weekends I would work Saturday and Sunday until dark."

It was most certainly a labour of love with Adam missing many family events in order to stick to his schedule.

Photo: Flashes of Life Photography
The playhouse has received a lot of attention, having being shared more than 46,000 times and the Facebook post attracting 11,000+ comments, and of course there are the inevitable enquiries about his wealth. The whole project was done on a strict budget and used many salvaged materials. In fact the family's own home which stands nearby is "...a fixer-upper, most of it still original from 1974."
"I paid for four windows, the rest of them were salvaged from jobs, Including the patio door on the 2nd level. The first floor cherry doors were from a restaurant. I just happened to go there for lunch break one day and they were replacing the doors with commercial glass doors."

Adam saw his opportunity, asking them what they were going to do with the old doors. "They quickly responded, 'You can have them!' I found out the reason for that was they didn't want to throw them into the dumpster as they weigh about 200 pounds (90 kg) each. I was thrilled!"
Photo: Flashes of Life Photography

Although there were things that needed doing to the family home, Adam recognised the narrow window of time he had with his young children.

"I absolutely could've use the money that was put into the playhouse to redo our kitchen and lower level of our home. But I wanted to do something special for my daughters while they're still young. I can always redo my kitchen, my girls will never be 5 and 2 again."

"Overall I am very humbled and overwhelmed from positive feedback about the playhouse. I'm not sure where this road is going to lead, but it's exciting to think about!"

Even with the custom child-size furniture, pink and purple paint and amazing playground complete with tube slide, the most touching element of all is the hand-written inscription on a patch of timber.

It reads, "To Avery and Violet, Love Daddy, July 14, 2017"

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