Mum calls critics 'prudes' after she gifts jar of condoms and booze for son's 18th birthday

Photo: Mad Men / supplied
Photo: Mad Men / supplied 

Some parents stick their heads in the sand about their children's alcohol consumption and sex life, but others are comfortable facing the realities head-on. 

A Sydney mum has come under fire for her choice of 18th birthday gift for her newly-minted adult son - a jar filled to the brim with condoms and mini bottles of spirits, in amongst chewing gum and cash - a photo and video of which she posted to a Kmart home hacks Facebook group.

It's probably many 18-year-olds' idea of a dream gift, but some members of the group were horrified by what they thought was a highly inappropriate gift from a mother to her son.

One commenter wrote, "I'm all for teaching your kids safe sex but this seems to go too far. Imagine him opening this gift in front of all his friends."

Another wrote, "You bought your son a variety of condoms for his birthday? Is it just me or is that weird?"

Mum was having none of it.

"My son woke up and loved his present... I told him about how I posted his present in the Kmart group and by the end of the night I got more love than hate," she later wrote.

She explained that she told her son about he criticism. "Some of these Susan's got weirded out by condoms and that he still has his Vcard (virginity)."


She wrote in another post, "I didn't think I would get this much hate from so many prudes. Sorry to those that aren't able to have an open relationship with their teenagers," adding, "I was a teen mum and I want to make sure all my kids are protected and know where to go if they have any questions."

Being open and honest with offspring about challenging topics is touted as the parenting holy grail, but some see this as a step too far. Others have come out in full support of the mum.

"Good on you for having an open and honest relationship with your kids! Our family is the same," they wrote.

Another commented: "I think it's a great idea... he's a teen... good on you for promoting safe sex and not just ignoring it like it's never gonna' happen."

They're fair points, with many parents of adult children adopting an open approach to suit their age.

'With so many unwanted pregnancies especially in young teens it's not just the girls' problem, it's also the boys.

She justified her actions saying she was trying to teach her kids to be 'respectful, safe and responsible young gentlemen and young ladies.' 

'We all have sex get over it. Stop making it such a taboo subject!' 

Mum calls critics 'prudes' after she gifts jar of condoms and booze for son's 18th birthday

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