Mum shares hilarious, and unsuccessful, plea for privacy in bathroom: 'You want to watch me?'

Image: TikTok
Image: TikTok 

Kids are good at so many things - and not leaving you alone, even when you really need some peace and quiet, is one of them.

One woman who knows that too well has posted a video to TikTok of her talking through a closed door to her son - as she tries to go to the toilet.

"Mum," the boy can be heard to saying in the video. "Can I watch you go poop?"

"You want to watch me go poop?" the mum replies.

"Ya!" the two-year-old replies enthusiastically, with his reason being fairly simple; "because!"

He kept on insisting he really does want to watch her go to the toilet, even after she assures him it's something he doesn't want.

"I do," the boy keeps repeating.

The clip has been liked over 285,000 times, with over 4000 comments from parents relating to having a constant shadow everywhere you go.


"That was my twins, but they'd cry outside the door until I'd let them in," one mum laughed.

"Why is it they never want to watch dad poop?" asked one user.

Others wanted to know how she got the door shut in the first place.

"I ran," she replied.

Others shared the crafty ways their kids had gotten around the 'closed door obstacle'.

"My nine-year-old went into the backyard to talk to me through the bathroom window," one mum said.

Others said unfortunately, some kids don't grow out of thinking the toilet is a perfect place for a chat.

"My daughter is 21 and opens the rest room door to have a conversation while I'm on the toilet," another mum added. "It never ends."