Mum shocked by babysitter's clothing: 'Can I tell the nanny how to dress?'

Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto
Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto 

Requesting an employee dress more professionally does not seem like a big ask - but what if that employee is your nanny? 

"I want to have a conversation with our nanny on how she dresses," one mum asked on Mumsnet.

"In the summer, one day, she wore a bra top but wore a waist coat with it- so I thought this was OK and bit my tongue.

"Last week, dear Lord, I collected my daughter from her and she was wearing a tight fitting long summer dress (no problem) but no bra and you can see clearly clearly see her breast outline and nipples. I was so shocked.

"I want to have a conversation about her regarding this. But I don't know how to broach it without being too insensitive. What should I do? AIBU to bring this up to her?"

If the mum was hoping for a black and white answer to her query, she would have been very disappointed. Opinions on whether she had a right to request how the nanny dress were divided.

"The only thing I can think you mean that might make sense if it the dress was see through?" one person wrote.

"What really is the problem? If you're worried she is dressing a bit too sexy for a nanny then fair enough but I don't think wearing a bra should be something women have to do," another argued. "Good ones are expensive and cheap ones are down right dangerous. and uncomfortable."

However, others could see the worried mum's point.

"I own a Nanny agency. Its in our policies that Nannies dress appropriately for work," one fellow mum said. "I'd recommend either sitting her down and mentioning that you'd prefer her to wear more child-friendly clothing such as she'd wear in a school or nursery.

"You can always put it in an email if you think it'll help you word it more diplomatically."