Mum slammed for TikTok video claiming she has a 'favourite child'

Olivia Smith posted a TikTok of her 'favourite' child.
Olivia Smith posted a TikTok of her 'favourite' child. Photo: TikTok

There's something every child with siblings has asked their parents at some point: who's your favourite?

A mother-of-three in the US has answered that question, and caused quite the stir online, after she posted a TikTok video of herself secretively pointing out her 'favourite' child.

In the video, Olivia Smith is talking to the camera with her young son next to her.

"Tell me you have a favourite child without telling me you have a favourite child," the mum says to the camera.

"I'm not gonna go first because I definitely don't have a favourite child at the moment," she continues, while zooming in on her son next to her.

"Out of the three kids I have, I don't have a favourite..."

He then adorably chimes in with, "I love you mama," to which Smith quickly replies "I love you baby!"

"I definitely don't have a favourite," she cheekily quips to the camera.

Smith assured her followers that all of her children are her favourites.

Smith assured her followers that all of her children are her favourites. Photo: TikTok

She shared the video online, asking other parents to, "share who their favourite child is without actually saying it."

"Joking of course," she captioned the post.

Although the post was intended as a joke, Smith's followers are divided, some thinking she crossed the line.

"This is wrong on so many levels," commented one person, "whether is a joke or not that kid now knows he's the favourite and will have that in his head. The rest will hate him."

"This don't sit right with me," agreed another.

Others saw the humour in it, many jokingly saying out of their own children, hers is also their favourite.

"He's not even mine and he's my favourite," exclaimed one user.

"He's OUR favourite child now," laughed another.

 "My favourite changes every five minutes or so," joked another. "Right now, it's the two-year-old cos he's napping."

"All jokes, no favourites here," Smith later clarified in a comment.

"They're all too cute to choose a favourite!"