Mum’s hilarious online Peppa Pig purchase leaves internet in hysterics

The mum soon realised her mistake.
The mum soon realised her mistake. Photo: Twitter

We've all had an online shopping fail at least one in our lives, although rarely do they leave us laughing this much.

When Maggy Van Eijk innocently ordered a Peppa Pig dinner set for her child, she never expected that a slightly rude version of the popular character to be delivered.

Realising the mistake as soon as it arrived, the mum and author posted a photo of the bowl on Twitter.

"My kid just unwrapped her new Peppa dinner set and I accidentally ordered a French version," she said in the post. "Now it says groin groin groin all over the plates and cup ffs."

Groin roughly translates to 'snout' in French and sounds like an 'oink' when said with a French accent.

"FYI "Groin" means "snout"; it might work as the onomatopoeia for "oink" even though we tend to write "grui" (vaguely pronounced " 'rwe" as a nasal sound," a French Twitter user explained to the confused mum.

The post quickly went viral, with almost 25,000 likes and thousands of comments, with users finding the mistake hilarious.


"Living in France at present I find this hilarious. A child's first chance to understand there are many different languages," one user responded enthusiastically.

"Sorry I should not laugh," wrote another. "But you have brightened up my day."

"That's going to be a favourite family story for years," laughed another. "Oink, oink".