Mum's secret keeps son's pet fish 'alive' for 16 years: 'I couldn't tell him'

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Breaking the news to your child that their pet has sadly passed away is not an easy conversation to have; which is why some parents opt for a more... creative approach.

Talking about the dreaded topic on Nova's Fitzy & Wippa this morning, Fitzy revealed he accidentally killed his six-year-old son's sea monkeys while cockroach bombing the family home.

Unfortunately, there were no survivors.

However, instead of admitting it was his fault, Fitzy told his son that sadly the sea monkeys had contracted COVID-19 and passed away.

Putting the call out to their listeners, the radio hosts asked people for the most creative ways they've told their kids their pets had died; or in some circumstance, tricked them into thinking they're still alive.

One woman revealed the ultimate trick, which kept the charade going for longer than she expected. The woman explained that she used to replace her son's dead goldfish about once every six months, resulting in the supernatural fish "living" for a whopping 16 years.

"Well I couldn't tell him that it died, I felt really bad," she said on the show. "So I put the original one in the freezer and every time the replacement one would die, I would take the original one out, drive to the fish shop and match it."

"So I did that for 16 years."

If this excuse won't work for you, Reddit users have shared the white lies they've told, or were told about their animal companions.


The long sleep:

"They told me that the rabbit had fallen asleep forever because it was very sick."

Raise your hand:

"My aunt had a pet hamster that unfortunately died while she was out with friends, whom my grandpa was picking up to drop off at their houses. My grandpa thinks it's a good idea to break the news in front of my aunt's friends, but in a more 'playful' fashion. He asks everyone that's in the car, 'hey everyone, who all here has a pet hamster?' A few of the girls plus my aunt raise their hands or say 'I do!'

My grandpa turns to my aunt, shakes his head, and says 'nuh uh.'"

What the flying fish?

"So my betta fish Goldie died and my parents said he flew away. Being the dumb seven year-old I was, BELIEVED them. Then, but THEN, I saw the next day his rotting corpse in the garbage can. Best parenting skills I've seen in my life."

Food for thought

I once had a hamster and it died and my parents told me honestly. The weird part is that my dad told us he buried it. I went to the freezer in my basement looking for an ice pop or some shit and I was horrified to find my hamster frozen in a bag. Instead of burying my beloved childhood pet my dad decided he was going to feed it to his snake

Run off the Paris

My cat 'ran away to Paris with a girlfriend' but then I replied 'mum, he died!'