Out, damned spot! CHOICE names best stain removers


Let's be honest here. Parenthood is a never-ending process of stain removal - from those first baby possets, to those grass-stained cricket pants, there's never a time throughout childhood and teen years that parents aren't battling to keep clothes clean.

We rely on stain removal products to help us through and the right product can end up being our right-hand man in the laundry.

The right soaker can disguise the fact our children haven't yet mastered the art of neat spag bol consumption and render those white school uniform shirts wearable once more.

CHOICE has pitted the cheap products against the expensive ones and yet again has proven that paying top dollar doesn't necessarily get you the best performer.

Here are the stain-busting results from CHOICE's investigation.


stain removers

It's great news for the bank balance with two of the cheapest spray stain removers nabbing equal first place - Aldi Di-San Oxy Action with Enzymes Pre Wash  and Coles Ultra Prewash Stain Remover.

CHOICE score: 78 per cent


Aldi - $0.25 per 100mL

Coles - $0.26 per 100 mL 


stain remover


Here's the king of powder stain removers. 

CHOICE says that Sard Wonder Super Power Stain Remover, "...scored a whopping 96% on baby food and olive oil stains, and a very respectable 85% on chocolate and 84% on tomato (all the products were tested as pre-wash treatment stain removers, not as soakers)."

It's not so great on blood stains, however, "...scoring just 31%, and makeup, scoring 65%, but on every other stain it scored 75% and higher."

CHOICE score: 79%

Cost: $0.56 per 100mL


Don't even bother with this doozy - Sard Wonder Deo and Sweat Stain Remover

CHOICE score: 52 per cent

Cost: $0.95 per 100mL

Be sure to read the full article on the CHOICE website.