Parents in hysterics over 'age-appropriate chore chart' for kids: 'My husband still doesn't do it and he's 34'

Parents were divided over the chart.
Parents were divided over the chart. Photo: Getty/Istock/Flanders Family Homelife

Any extra help around the house is always appreciated, but how old should your children be before you assign them household chores to do?

A list of 'age appropriate' jobs shared on Facebook has sparked outrage among parents, and provided a bit of comedic relief for others.

The list, which is divided into six categories, breaks up chores that children are expected to do around the house under different age brackets.

Some of the jobs include 'putting dirty clothes in hamper' for two to three year-olds, sort silverware' and 'vacuum' for four to five-year-olds, 'making salad' for five to six-year-olds, 'washing laundry' and 'baking; for six-to-seven year olds and expecting kids that are eight and above to 'change lightbulbs,' 'deep clean the kitchen' and 'cook a complete dinner.'

The list has been shared online.

The list has been shared online. Photo: Flanders Family Homelife

The list was originally shared by the Flanders Family Homelife and was later shared to the Facebook group, Lockdown Tips and Tricks, where is has over 1,600 comments from amused parents.

"Lol my husband is 38 and can't do simple home repairs, never mind my 12-year-old daughter," one mother laughed under the chart.

"I still struggle with peeling vegetables," joked another. "Wouldn't dream of making my six-year-old do it."

"Change a lightbulb at eight! My husband still doesn't do it and he's 34," exclaimed another.

Others can already see the reality of asking their kids to do certain chores.

"Anyone who lets their four to five year-old water plants and put away dishes," they questioned. "Do they end up with smashed plates and flooded house?"