'Popsicle showers': Mum's genius solution to stop toddler tantrums

The solution to tantrums could be in your freezer.
The solution to tantrums could be in your freezer. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Parents of cranky toddlers rejoice!

One Reddit user has revealed the simple way she puts an end to temper tantrums in her household - and the solution could be in your freezer already.

Apparently, it's as easy giving your unhappy boy or girl an ice block and a shower or bath at the same time. 

"Some time ago, I read a comment about someone's mother giving them popsicles in the shower to calm them down and reset their mood," the woman said in the post, calling the tip "a life changer".

"Now, if I feel my kid is getting too wired or too sensitive or too anything, I suggest we have a popsicle in the shower and it's like everything in her calms down instantly."

"My kid loves it, I love it, everyone ends up happy. Popsicle showers for the win!" she said happily.

Although it sounds like an efficient way to eat a sticky ice block without having to clean everything your child touches, fellow 'shower popsicle' parents say it is much more - and even shared their scientific explanation for why the hack works wonders on grumpy kids.

"The temperature and taste sensations from the popsicle and the tactile and auditory sensations from the shower are very grounding when folks are activated," one user explained. "It would work with grown-ups as well!"

"Makes sense!" agreed another. "Sensory changes [or] distractions are the first treatment for panic attacks and anxiety too."

One parent even suggested a variation that would work for stressed out adults.

"Parent edition," they suggested. "Icy cold beer in a hot bath."