'Selfish' dad slammed for planning to leave wife and kids alone on Christmas

The father-of-three was slammed for his decision.
The father-of-three was slammed for his decision. Photo: Getty Images

Long before the stress of Christmas day comes the stress of working out where to spend Christmas day.

One dad is under fire for deciding to spend Christmas day with just his parents and siblings — leaving his wife and three young kids at home.

Posting to Reddit, the man explained his parents organised the dinner for "immediate family" only.

"No spouses or children," he wrote. "I am most likely going to go (all my siblings agreed to go) since it has been a while since I spend some time just hanging out with my immediate family."

The man said his wife "seemed sad" but agreed he could go, so he was shocked when he was called selfish over the decision.

"Today I was on the phone with my BIL (we're good friends) and I told him I will be going to my parent's house for Christmas alone," he said. "My BIL called me selfish and said, 'that is why my sister was so sad this weekend'.

"I told him where I go for Christmas isn't his business. I know that my wife might be a little lonely having Christmas alone, but I had the holidays with her last year and there will always be another Christmas next year. AITA?"

Redditers didn't hold back and were quick to tell the man that yes, he is in the wrong in this situation - as are his parents.

"Your kids are so young too, like...what? Why would you ever leave your wife alone with three kids under 10 on Christmas Day? Why you want to miss your kids' Christmas?" one person asked.


"Your wife and your kids are your immediate family now," said another.

"Honestly your parents are kind of a---holes for planning a dinner like that. It puts all their kids in a position where they have to choose their parents or their spouse and kids."

The man later updated the post to say he'll float the idea of a New Years Eve or Christmas Eve celebration instead of Christmas day to his parents,  so his wife won't be alone.

"After reading the comments I admit I would 100 percent be the a--hole if I left my wife and children on Christmas day," he wrote. "I'm going to try and see if I can get my parents to reschedule the gathering."

Let's hope the man's wife doesn't mind ringing in 2021 on her own instead.