7 ways to survive the Aldi ski sale this weekend

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Friends, it's here. Aldi's annual ski sale is happening this weekend, from Saturday 20 May.

For the uninitiated, it's Aldi's "craziest" day of the year, with "affordable and high quality" snow gear hitting the shelves just in time for winter. And the 2017 offering has been touted as the best collection yet.

Along with its undisputed bargains over the last few years, the sale has also developed a reputation for its chaotic and sometimes violent scenes as ski bunnies jostle over goggles and gloves. In fact, many would say - and indeed have - that it brings out the very worst in humanity.

"Well, that was a sh*tfight" - reddit user Chiller.

"It's always a total nightmare" - reddit user xcammanx

"It was ugly" - reddit user aussiegreenie.

Sounds like a fun day out, hey?

If you're undeterred, however, and gearing up (pun intended) to hit the sale this weekend, it might be worth doing a little preparatory work over the coming days.


Here's how to bring your A game to Aldi on Saturday.

1. Forgo your usual Saturday morning sleep in (ha ha) and set your alarm - for Friday

Okay, Friday might be going a tad overboard but you will want to camp out early. Below is a snap from last year's queue if you need further motivation to get out of your (warm) bed at the crack of dawn.

Most stores open at 8:30am, although some seem to open at 8. Check you local store's details here.


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2. Get match ready

Hydration is key. The ski sale is as much a test of physical endurance as it is psychological warfare. Load up on the H2O and don't forget to limber up lest you do a hammy running for the reversible puffer jackets.

One ski sale survivor witnessed the following last year, reiterating the importance of physical fitness: "My favourite part was when the 70-year-old dude dropped and rolled under the door when it was lifted half a metre. Dropped and rolled #commitment."

3. Divide and conquer

Friends don't let friends brave the Aldi sale alone. Divide and conquer - and reap the snowy rewards.  Make sure you pick someone who's up to the task, though, who won't get distracted by the 3D printers or luxury neck warmers.

I hear the kids' section is particularly hairy, so send your strongest player into that battle. (See the 2015 Collette Dinnigan Young Hearts aisle wars for further information.)

4. Try not to break any laws

Don't be the person who gets into fisticuffs with a stranger over a beanie. And maybe don't pose as a security guard like the woman who was arrested for shoplifting at a Camilla warehouse sale earlier this year.

5. Leave the kids at home

They don't need to experience the horror of scenes such as this one, as penned by redditor Chillers: "A woman was barging through people and even into me. I turned around and said there is no need to push, her response was "It's an (expletive) sale mate". Before she shot off back into the chaos, her trolley was left there with her kid, I was soooooo tempted to just grab all the gear out of it and throw it back into the centre pile but didn't want to scare the (expletive) out of her kid."

So leave the family members at home, and just check the size guide for your gear before you go. (The toddler snow pants are pretty cute.)


6. Give yourself a pep talk, like this guy

7. Remember your sense of humour - and be kind

Be the shopper who lets others know where the small sizes are. And if you miss out on the  particularly fun looking snow sled for a bargain price of $9.99, make like Elsa and:

There's always next year.
(The same rule applies, by the way, if you find yourself facing a #4 situation over a pair of ski boots).
Happy shopping, ski bunnies!