'Shows up bodily fluids': Mum labelled 'genius' for her UV light cleaning hack

Fisher posted her trick to Facebook.
Fisher posted her trick to Facebook. Photo: Facebook

A mum in the UK has been labelled a 'genius' for the clever way she thoroughly cleaned her son's room.

Corrina Fisher, who is a mother to four boys, said she could smell something 'disgusting' in her 21-year-old son's bedroom.

He admitted he'd been sick after a night out drinking, with some of the evidence clearly still displayed on the carpet.

Posting to the Facebook group Hinch Army Cleaning Tips, the mum shared her handy hack for making sure there are no unaccounted smells in the house.

After cleaning the affected area with bicarbonate of soda, she explained in the post that she had "tried all week to get rid of the smell", before she had the clever idea to use the UV torch.

"I've just had this genius idea to use my UV torch which shows up bodily fluids!" she wrote. 

Using the light to see the area, she made sure whole area had been properly cleaned. "I did NOT shine the torch anywhere else," she joked.

UV lights can be used to detect materials that that can't be seen by the naked eye, and are often used by crime scene investigators, prompting other users in the group to joke she could also join a True Crime group on Facebook.

Fisher added she had used the torch in the past for cleaning, jokingly saying she's not a 'for hire murderer.'


"I am a mother of four boys and I bought it ages ago to see if my 'around the toilet' cleaning skills were okay," she explained. "Mothers of boys will understand."

Other parents couldn't wait to use the trick themselves.

"Wow what a great post! I feel like you have now shown everyone, that everyone should now own a UV light," one Facebook user wrote.

"I didn't realise I needed a UV torch until right now. It's going on my Christmas list," declared another.

"Brilliant idea."

"I'm going to get one when my toddler is potty training."

Several users also pointed out that given her son was 21, he should have "cleaned it up himself'.

To which a bemused Fisher replied:

A he's a boy. Like he'd have done the job (to my satisfaction!  )
B he was drunk, it was 1am when he woke me to tell me!
C in his attempt to prevent the sick from going over the carpet, he was sick into his waste paper bin
See picture of said bin!
No bag!
It has holes!