Single mum angry at her mother over demeaning 'solo' parenting comments

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There is no doubt single parenting can be a challenge - with nobody to share the financial and emotional burden of raising children with.

But it's even more difficult if your own family doesn't appreciate the stress you are under - which is what one single mum discovered when she went to her own mother for support. 

Taking to Reddit the 24-year-old single mum said she was usually financially independent but, due to the pandemic, she's "been struggling" and asked her mother for a loan.

"Not a lot, like $200," she clarified. "She said that she would but ... that she was a single mum my whole life and never asked my grandma for money."

The upset woman explained that her dad worked away for about two weeks every month. Her mother raised her and her sister alone during that time, which she appreciates was difficult - but not the same as being a single parent.

"He was home for half the month and he financially supported her," she pointed out.

"This p---ed me off because she never HAD to ask my grandma for money since both she and my dad were working."

"I told her that I love her and I'm grateful for her support and how well she raised us, but my dad being away for two weeks a month is not the same as actually being a single mother."

However, her mum didn't understand this, and told her daughter she was being disrespectful.


Reddit users agreed that the poster had every right to be annoyed, saying the situations are very different.

"A single mum means literally that. Someone who is single and is the sole carer of the child, including financially," one person wrote. "A lot of people think it means the other parent just isn't in a loving relationship with them. It's really dumb."

"She tried to lecture you by claiming that she was been in the same situation and handled it better," another Redditer said. "It's callous and demeaning to your situation and struggles."

"While I can understand that taking care of two kids by yourself half the time might not have always been easy, she was not a single mum," agreed another.