Six times food made us happy and sad in 2016

Daily Juice Co
Daily Juice Co 

It's been a year of soaring highs and crushing lows in terms of food news. We've loved, lost and gained new food loves during this tumultuous year of iconic musician deaths and political turmoil.

Here are the top food-related articles for 2016 that broke our hearts and also gladdened them.

1. Our hearts broke with the news that SunnyBoy ice blocks were no more

It was all over in August for our favourite retro summer treats SunnyBoy ice blocks. Daily Juice Co confirmed the sad news that prompted people to race to the supermarket to stock up for the last SunnyBoy summer ever.

Daily Juice Co - the makers of the iconic SunnyBoy iced treat - advised us:
"The Daily Juice Co can confirm that we have regrettably had to make the hard decision to stop production of the icy treat, SunnyBoy, as of August 2016.

Unfortunately, SunnyBoy has experienced a sustained reduction in consumer demand over a long period of time, making it necessary to delete the product from our range of water ice treats. 

Despite being incredibly hard to eat, the now lost-to-us pyramid-shaped SunnyBoy will continue to live in our hearts for years to come. Zooper Doopers have some pretty big shoes to fill.

2. We lost our minds over the McDonalds Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry

McDonalds McFlurry - Cadbury Cream Egg
Photo: McDonalds

Just as we began to think Easter couldn't get any better than it already is, along came the news that McDonalds was to release a Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry just in time for Easter. It was a time when we realised dreams really do come true, even if we didn't even know we had dreamed of how perfect this combination would be.

According to their website, the new dessert is made up of "a delicious mouthful of chocolate pieces and Creme Egg topping, blended into a creamy soft serve." Like whoa.

Predictably, the Twittersphere went into overdrive:

The grieving has lasted most of the rest of the year, however, with Cadbury Crème Egg McFlurry fans pining for their creamy, chocolatey treat.

We'll just have to wait and see if they bring it back for Easter 2017.

3. The emotional rollercoaster we endured over the Arnott's Shapes debacle 

Arnott's BBQ Shapes
Photo: Arnott's

One thing is for certain; don't ever get between Australians and their Shapes biscuits and most especially do not change the recipe. Arnott's discovered a whole new world of pain when it decided to change the secret formula for flavouring its popular Shapes snack range.

Back in March the new flavours hit the shelves and the backlash was swift. It turns out 'new and improved' actually meant flavourless and revolting.

Chris Sinclair‎ declared: "The new shapes are disgusting, they taste nothing like the old ones and the pizza ones are quite possibly the most foul snack I've ever had the displeasure of tasting."

Melanie Scott appeared willing to take matters into her own hands: "Bring back the old BBQ shapes and no one gets hurt."

Arnott's initially responded with dismay and detailed the great lengths it had gone to, to ensure the new snacks' popularity. Arnott's spokeswoman Nicky Thomson insisted the company had tested the new flavour range with "thousands, literally thousands, of Shapes fans... and they told us they preferred the new flavours."

That was never going to cut it with furious snackers and the company abruptly did a backflip in September after waning sales and continued anger from customers forced its hand. It seems a lesson was most definitely learned about the power of nostalgic snacks and now we have the old ones back.

4. We all screamed for Viennetta on a stick and got it... and then we didn't

Streets Viennetta on a stick
Photo: Instagram/@alexmayhughes

​When this photo emerged of everyone's favourite home freezer dessert - the Viennetta - in portable form, people demanded to know where they could buy one. There were vague reports of China and Malta, but those locations aren't exactly convenient for Australians, who moaned and bayed about nothing cool ever being released here.

Then in a shock announcement only days later, Streets announced it was planning to release the dinky treat. We have since contacted Unilever and had our hopes dashed once again. A representative says, "We had a fun competition for the best do it yourself Viennetta on a stick, however sadly it is not available here and there are no plans to sell it as yet."

Say what? Yeah, we're gutted too.

5. Warhead lollies were funny... until they weren't


Photo: Choice

Childhood memories are made of popping a super sour Warhead lolly in your mouth and waiting for hilarity to ensue. All those faces, all that laughter with friends at the park and fervent unwrapping of those hideous sweets, well it all came at a price apparently. We didn't know it then and we didn't necessarily know it before August 2016, when CHOICE broke the news about what sour lollies do to teeth.

Another childhood lolly has been destroyed with the knowledge that they can cause soft tissue damage and enamel erosion. It really is that serious, with CHOICE Head of Media Tom Godfrey stating, "We tested the acid levels of sour lollies following Facebook reports that a number of children had received burns to their tongues and gums after consuming the products."

The findings come as last year, a Warheads sour lolly, burned a hole in seven-year-old Lachlan Canak's tongue. His shocked mother Hayley, uploaded a photo of the injury to Facebook as a warning to other parents, writing that she "felt sick" when she first saw the damage the Warheads Juniors Extreme Sour lolly had caused.

Eek, right? Probably a great idea to stay right away from these formerly-hilarious sweets.