‘Stop letting YouTube raise your kids’ Mum divides internet with screen time statement

Daisy Bennett and her children.
Daisy Bennett and her children. Photo: Instagram

Navigating screen time with kids is a tough gig, particularly with COVID-19 restrictions.

One mother in California has caused a stir online after declaring parents need to 'stop letting YouTube raise their kids.'

"Kids are a product of the information they're exposed to," wrote Destiny Bennett in an Instagram post. "We brought these kids into the world, they did not ASK to be here and we as parents have NO EXCUSE to not give them the best existence possible."

The mother-of-three continued saying it 'hurts her' to see kids constantly on tablets or watching TV.


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"There is no learning show that they can watch all day that replaces or measures up to what you can teach them and the experience they will gain from it," she said, adding "the truth hurts."

"I will always keep it 100 percent when it comes to parenting because these kids DESERVE it and is parents DESERVE IT," the mother urged, confessing that she used to be "that mum" but will "never be that mum again."

"Don't let the priceless life lessons, knowledge, values, and morals that you have and are capable of offering your child be taken away by Baby shark doo doo doo doo..."

The post quickly went viral, hitting a nerve with parents who didn't necessarily agree with Bennett's views on screen time.


Bennett turned comments off for the post but edited her original message to say she didn't intend to hurt anyone's feelings or judge their parenting methods.

"This post is not intended for every mom whose kids use YouTube, nor is it intended to specifically speak on this time of living in a pandemic," she said, finishing the post by saying she'll be 'more mindful of her tone in the future.'


Mama B PSA! So there’s been some negative talk on my last post regarding YouTube and I’d love to shed some light... First I want to say thank you to everyone that understood my point. I highly want to address the comments about mom shaming because anybody that knows me knows I am an advocate for all things motherhood. I LOVE my fellow mamas from the bottom of my heart and want nothing but the best for them In everything I do and everything I blog about I speak from my own experience. God has blessed my journey with some amazing knowledge and amazing people who helped me become a better mom which ultimately changed my life and the life of my kids for the better. So in all I do I seek to share that same knowledge so that I can bless someone else’s journey. In a world where every subject is sensitive and no one wants to step on anybody’s toes....I don’t mind being that person that may hurt feelings if it means bringing truth and positive change. In my journey I have found that sometimes the truth hurts, but it was often that slap in the face that I needed to see things in a new light and change my ways. Everyone may not like my truth, but as mentioned before I will NEVER speak on a place I’ve never been. If I’m speaking on it it’s because I was there....at the bottom....and as I rise, by the grace of God, I just want to take as many with me as I can. It’s ALL love, all love and honesty. And even if you feel my love is too tough and my truths are too hard, that’s okay. But please know that you will NEVER catch me hating, shaming or judging 😘 it just ain’t in me #dasit

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The mum, who has over 184,000 followers on Instagram, later uploaded another photo, thanking people in the caption for their support and saying 'it was never her intention to offend fellow parents.'

"Everyone may not like my truth, but as mentioned before I will NEVER speak on a place I've never been," she wrote. 

"If you feel my love is too tough and my truths are too hard, that's okay," she continued. "But please know that you will NEVER catch me hating, shaming or judging, it just ain't in me."

Although many parents praised her for her honest posts, some parents reminded her that everyone has different living situations and to be mindful of that.

"I genuinely believe most parents are doing the best for their kids in the situations they find themselves in, not that they're just trying to be 'lazy parents,'" one follower replied.

"Yes be honest, but offer your opinion with consideration of the different situations your followers are coming from," she wrote. "You can't turn around and just assume and callout other parents as lazy because they do not have the privileges you have."