Storage ideas for kids' toys

Between the stuffed toys, piles of books and craft supplies, a kids’ play area can easily get out of control. One simple way to keep your child’s space clean is by providing storage that gives every toy a home.

When it comes to toy storage, organising is key. Here are some creative ideas to help control the chaos that comes with having so many toys! 


Toys taking over your home?
Toys taking over your home? Photo: Getty Images

Window Seating. Create the look of a built-in window seat without the added expense. Find a free standing bench with cubby holes, fill with removable easy access baskets and top with cushions.  

Make use of nooks and crannies. Take advantage of any available space in your child’s room or play area by adding built-in shelves. Lower shelves offer storage space for small toys or books that can be easily reached by your little ones.

Corner cubbies. Cubbies are cheap, effortless and perfect for storing books, cars, and plush toys that can be easily put away and pulled out whenever your little ones get the urge to play.

Put them in the bin. Fold-up storage bins provide a lightweight solution for storing your kid’s toys. Colour code them and make cleaning up even easier.

Open-shelving system. Add pull out bins to open shelves to make it easier for little hands to pull out toys, as well as pack them away. Open shelves are also good for odd shaped toys.

Labelling. Print and laminate pictures of the types of toys you have, attach them to storage bins and baskets so kids don’t feel overwhelmed when trying to pack everything away. Instead, it’s like playing a matching game!

Shoe organisers. If you are renting or don’t want to mark the walls with nails and hooks, try a shoe organiser hung on the back of a door or cupboard. These are not only for shoes but also perfect for storing Barbie dolls, action figures and for keeping track of art and craft supplies.

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