Symmetry-seeking dad slammed for 'fixing' kids Christmas tree decorations: 'It looked unbalanced'

Picture: Getty Images
Picture: Getty Images 

Creating family traditions can be some of the most joyous parts of Christmas.

Leaving cookies out for Santa, viewing Christmas lights and advent calendars all help bring the magic alive for kids.

But decorating the Christmas tree has to be top of the list for many families.

Not so for one dad, who took it upon himself to redecorate the tree after his kids' efforts left him underwhelmed. 

Explaining that he and his wife let their three and five-year-olds put the decorations on "mostly alone" this year in his post to Reddit, the dad said while it was a fun experience, he wasn't satisfied by the end result. 

"It was fun, but you can imagine how it looked so I thought I would redo it the right way since we'll have guests over Christmas," he writes.

"I left it for a few days to give the kids time to enjoy it and then took off the ornaments and replaced them so things looked more balanced."

However while he may have been happier with the new look, his wife was less than impressed and told him she "hates it" and demanded he strip the tree and let the kids have another go. 

"I tried to get her to see my side, but she thinks what I did was unacceptable and will upset our kids. They did ask some questions but don't seem to be bothered by it, but my wife still thinks I am the a**hole," he adds.


"I don't think what I did was unreasonable."

Unfortunately for the symmetry seeking dad, most users on Reddit agreed with his wife. 

"YTA (you're the a**hole) the 'right' way is just so sad. Your children decorated it! That's adorable! Why is what they did 'wrong'? Imagine what you are teaching them," wrote one.

Others argued he should have been more hands on in directing the kids in the first place.

"If it was so important to have symmetry then perhaps he should have decorated With his kids as a family thing and helped them put ornaments higher up or taken a handful for himself to hang to even it out," added another.

It was also pointed out that even if the kids did not appear too upset, they may have been hurt by his actions.

"Kids are perceptive. Even if they aren't acting upset they're internalising what happened and making note of how important their contributions are."

However, one user agreed with the dad, saying they too had trouble relinquishing control.

"It's tough. I actually get it. It's a control issue that you should try to work on because it will better your relationship with your kids. The tree doesn't have to be perfect. It needs to be decorated with love and joy. Try to focus on that," they said.

"I'm going to say NAH (not the a**hole) because I really do understand the impulse to 'even it out a bit'. But you gotta take it easy. This is how they learn who they are."