Transform an old bookshelf into a dollhouse

How-to create a Doll House

A great weekend project: turn a bookshelf into a stunning doll house.

White Knight Paints has come up with DIY project to turn an old bookshelf into a doll's house.

Natasha Dickins of Little Red Industries says: "Take one small bookcase, install walls, build a roof, and add paint and it's ready for the family to move in."

Step 1. Convert the bookcase

Create your own dollhouse.
Create your own dollhouse.  Photo: White Night

Renovate the shelves into cosy rooms by installing walls cut from pine boards, then glue or nail them in place. Build the roof from lengths of pine mitred at the ends and joined at the peak with nails. Use a utility knife to cut a piece of 3mm MDF to fit behind the pine.

NATASHA'S TIP: Choose pine boards the same depth as the shelving (you'll need about 2 metres for the walls and roof) and attach the backing with flathead nails or tacks.

Step 2. Paint the rooms

"To decorate, paint each section in a different White Knight Splashes colour to define the new living spaces," says Natasha. Follow the instructions on the label, applying 2 coats.

NATASHA'S TIP: If the bookcase is raw timber you may need to prime it with White Knight Splashes Undercoat to ensure a good finish. I used Splashes Purple, Sun Yellow, Ripple Green, Pink, Sky Blue and Orange for the rooms.

Step 3. Set the scene


Cut mountains from sheets of 6mm MDF, making them slightly higher than the house. Use contact paper to make a stencil for the snow caps then roughly roll on White Knight Splashes in Dusk Grey for the base and use a brush to apply Splashes Cream at the top.

NATASHA'S TIP: Finials are the decorative bits at the top of balustrades and fence posts and they can make great dolls. Find them at a hardware store, cut with a handsaw, then sand and paint the bodies with White Knight Splashes in White and Black, adding personality with spots, stripes and patterns.

For more inspiration visit White Knight Paint's Facebook page.