'Where did you find them?': Sam Squiers shares daughter's hilarious Christmas decoration of choice

Sam Squiers with her daughter Immi.
Sam Squiers with her daughter Immi. Photo: Instagram

There's no doubt about— Children make the festive season that touch more magical, and when it comes to decorating Christmas trees, downright hilarious.

TV presenter Sam Squiers is one such parent with a proudly decorated the toddler-tree in her house. Squiers posted a video of her three-year-old daughter Imogen happily adorning the tree with her decoration of choice—the humble tampon.

"Come back from putting Elle to bed to find Immi has already started with the decorations via my bathroom!" Squiers captioned the Instagram video.


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In the video little Immi can be heard telling her mum she proudly found the decorations "in the bathroom"- and we can understand her logic, there is a string after all!

Comments poured in, with people finding the DIY decorations hysterical.

"Have her colour them different colours then there is no problem!!!" suggested one person.

"We're killing ourselves laughing here," said another.

"Absolute gold," agreed another.

Laura Byrne shared someone's foolproof method to protecting their tree to her Instagram story.

Laura Byrne shared someone's foolproof method to protecting their tree to her Instagram story. Photo: Instagram

Earlier in the week, Matty-J and Laura Byrne shared their tree, as decorated by 17-month old daughter Marlie-Mae, as well as a compilation of the best methods they've seen to 'kid proof' the crown jewel of the yule-tide decorations.

"Christmas tree with a toddler - expectation vs reality," he captioned the video, showing a series of beautifully decorated trees before the reality - a bare tree with an inquisitive toddler.

Although there were some helpful responses in the comments.

"We put ours up on a table surrounded by our play pen," suggested actress and singer Lucy Durack.

"My friend last year had hers top half decorated because of that same reason," laughed another.