Husband convinces his wife they kidnapped their kids after she wakes up from surgery

The mum uploaded the video to TikTok.
The mum uploaded the video to TikTok. Photo: TiKTok- justagirlnamedcandace

Scientists say hormones can help women 'forget' the pain of childbirth, but one mum has taken it to the next level, forgetting she even had kids after waking up from a surgery.  

Luckily, the moment was captured on video and shared to TikTok.

"Forgot I birthed an entire child and legit thought my husband was a kidnapper," the woman, Candace, captioned the video, which showed her driving home with family after having a tooth pulled out.

The mother-of-three recognised two of her children, but couldn't quite place the third.

Seeing the prime opportunity for a prank, her husband thought he'd see how far he could take it, telling her he kidnapped them from a playground.

The woman forgot she had three children.

The woman forgot she had three children. Photo: TikTok- @justagirlnamedcandace

In the video Candace sits in the front seat looking confused as her husband confirms, "That's right, I kidnapped 'em all. I'm gonna sell 'em!"

"Where'd that one come from?" she asks her husband, looking at their kids again.

"I don't know," he replies, before taking it a step further and adding, "Which one will get us the most money? It's your idea."


"I didn't kidnap a kid!" she insists.

"We only had two though."

Candace becomes increasingly confused, insisting at one point that her daughter can't be hers because she 'doesn't look like her.'"Jason, that one's definitely not our kid. It's a boy," she says to her husband at one point.

Her children got increasingly upset as the joke went on.

Her children got increasingly upset as the joke went on. Photo: TikTok- @justagirlnamedcandace

"What? What do you mean?" her son replies.

Though many TikTok users appreciated the dark humour, some pointed out the joke could have been traumatising for the children.

Comments were later turned off for the post, but before they did many commenters called the prank 'mean', noting that Candace's children become more upset as the joke goes on.

She later confirmed her kids were in on the joke and were 'completely fine.'

"You've seen 59 seconds, you didn't see the entire thing," Candace replied to a comment.

"You can't judge. My kids are still begging to watch it and laugh."