'I was appalled': Mum's unique punishment after son bullied less wealthy classmates

The mum was appalled with her son's behaviour.
The mum was appalled with her son's behaviour.  Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Nobody wants to raise an entitled child, but what should you do if your teenager takes their brand name clothes and fancy cars for granted? 

One mum had a simple solution - take it all away from them, but now she is worried she has gone too far.

The woman, who posted on Reddit, realised drastic action was necessary when she learned her teenage son was bullying kids at his school who were from less wealthy families.

"I found out from school administration just this month that my son had been bullying several students for being less wealthy," the shocked mum wrote. The boy had been taunting classmates "for being dropped off at school in a budget sedan and for having name brands clothes that are not as expensive as other name brands."

"I was appalled by his behaviour," the mum said. "I had a talk with him about how this was wrong, and also about how it's not something that he should have any personal pride in."

The woman explained in a the post that she's a single mum and her son's father is rarely around, although the does pay child support. She said she and her son's father were both "quite well off". This meant her son was able to attend a private school and take part in whatever extracurricular activities he desires.

"He has no job, no savings, no investments, no wealth of his own," she continued. "By totally random chance he happened to be born into good circumstances. And that's it."

Her son said it was causing problems with his friends at school.

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Although the school arranged for the boy to apologise to the kids he bullied, the mum had her own punishment in mind.


"I decided that this year, we're thrift shopping for clothes," she declared. "No more brand name sneakers or clothes, and rather than driving him to school and activities in the Porsche or the Jaguar, I'm driving him everywhere in my '92 Jeep that was one of my first cars that I mostly keep around for nostalgia and off-roading.

"For any activities he joins, he can borrow club equipment instead of getting his own bought."

The problem is the boy's dad  was "very upset" when he heard his son was being driven around in "a junker" and was borrowing sporting equipment.

"[He said] that was not a fair punishment because 'impressions matter' and it will affect the rest of his life," the woman wrote, before asking others if the punishment was taking things too far.

Most redditers agreed the woman's actions sounded like just the punishment her son needed.

"Humility needs to be taught and OP is doing well with this," declared one person.

"Your son is a spoiled brat and his father sounds no better," another wrote. "What you're doing is serving your son some valuable humble pie."

Others suggested that her son find a part time job to pay for the things he wants.

"If designers and image are that important to him then encourage him to get a part time job to pay for the things he wants for himself," they pointed out.

"On top of what you're already doing this would teach him the value of working for the things you want."