5 ways children make you happy

 Photo: Getty Images

Children are marvellous little creatures that can evoke the best and worst emotions in their parents. They have a way of pushing us until we nearly break and then bringing us back our sanity. Being a parent is incredibly taxing and it's often that our children remind us that although they have opened up a world of challenges we would have never known, they also opened up a world of all engrossing love. Here are some ways my children make me happy.

1. Sleeping faces

When my girls are asleep, I can't help but submerse into a moment of reflection. I see them growing up in front of me. I see the features of their faces changing as they grow. I see a peaceful little soul purely content and it makes me feel full. My life feels complete in those moments of pure love and admiration for what I'm seeing. Those moments are perfection.

2. Leg hugs

I love all sorts of hugs from my girls. I love the monkey cuddles which include legs and arms wrapped around my entire torso. I love piggyback hugs choking my neck and I love bed time hugs which stand as the traditional style - arms outreached cuddle. My favourite though, are the unexpected leg hugs. They come whenever and wherever and they provide a sudden return to reality. No matter what I am doing, those quick carefree hugs as they pass by make my heart melt. I'm not asking them, they're not expected and they are done with nothing in return. It's just a passing gesture from them that reminds me that they love me.

3. Looks for approval

My girls crave my attention. They call my name to show me tricks and silly dance moves and they look up at me reassuringly when they are playing amongst themselves. When they see my approval or my admiration for what they are doing, it makes them incredibly happy. Having that worth to someone makes me feel so very important - particularly when it comes from them. Those two little people are my world and to know that I am theirs in return is extremely humbling.

4. The silence

When either one of my girls are upset for whatever reason, they want me. I pick them up and those cries and tears stop. They settle into my shoulder and they calm. I am their security and I am the only person they want in those moments of utter turmoil and distress. That moment when I hold them and silence ensues is grounding. I have that power. I can simply touch them and they are reassured and comforted. It is a wonderful power to possess and one which reminds me that I am needed and wanted because sometimes as a parent, although that seems obvious – you just want to be told. This is them making that clear.

5. They laugh

That first giggle from both my girls is a moment ingrained in my memory. Hearing my girl's laughter grow into fits of screaming joy now that they are little toddlers is wonderful. Knowing that they are totally happy in that moment; there are no dwelling thoughts of worry buried under the laughter. It is just pure contentment and joy. That is marvellous. I cannot help but feel accomplished that I have given them enough in life to allow them those moments. And not only this, but when they are laughing away, I cannot help but laugh with them. No matter how much angst I may be feeling, when those moments arise I find myself laughing alongside them feeling nothing but happiness.