Brisbane personal trainer breaks burpee world record and all it took was 1321 in an hour

Kate Beeley during her hour-long burpee battle to set a Guinness World Record.
Kate Beeley during her hour-long burpee battle to set a Guinness World Record. Photo: Hopefully Creative - Supplied

More than 1300 burpees in one hour ... it sounds like a slow and painful death, right?

A Brisbane personal trainer completed the incredible fitness feat to break the Guiness World Record on Monday morning.

Forty-year-old Kate Beeley, owner and founder of MissFit PT, did 1321 burpees in an hour to break the previous record of 1272.

A burpee is a full-body exercise that involves a person starting in a standing position, squatting to the ground, completing a push-up, returning to the squat before jumping up as high as possible and repeating the process.

Ms Beeley described the experience on a personal level as "a crazy exercise that I was after".

However, she also said it was a statement to fellow fitness professionals in an industry which she described as "a survival of the fittest".

It all started at 3.45am on Monday morning, when Ms Beeley's alarm went off.

The night before she had been bombarded with messages of support from her clients so wasn't feeling as fresh as she had hoped.

By 5.30am, the record attempt had started and Ms Beeley set off at a cracking pace.


She felt fine for the first 10 minutes before increasing her speed for the next 10. However, by the 16-minute mark her legs were starting to lock up and feel heavy.

From the 20-minute mark onwards Ms Beeley slowed her pace, found a rhythm and maintained 22 burpees a minute until the finish line at 6.30am.

After finishing the gruelling exercise, the personal trainer laid down on the ground and thought "thank god that's over".

In the aftermath of her successful world record, Ms Beeley said "it was a really challenging hour".

She said her body felt floppy and totally exhausted, describing it as "like an out-of-body experience".

Ms Beeley had cleared her schedule for the day and would take a well-earned rest, apart from still being on the school run to collect her children.

"I don't think I'll cook tonight, I'll get takeaway," she said.

The next step will be to submit photos, videos and witness statements to Guiness World Records and wait six to 12 weeks for official confirmation of her incredible achievement.

In the meantime, Ms Beeley said she might try to break the one-minute record of 37 burpees.

"I could quickly try to bang that one out ... if I feel like it," she said.

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