'I like to relax on my couch with a joint': mum confession

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She insists she is just like any other "suburban mum" in every other way but one woman has explained how, rather than a glass of wine, she likes to wind down with marijuana.

"Un-clutch those pearls for a minute and hear me out. To clarify, I don't use it for medicinal purposes," the mum-of-four wrote in an anonymous post on Scary Mommy.

"I can't justify my toking up by saying it serves any purpose other than much-needed stress relief, but you know what? Stress relief is a good enough reason.

"I'm no different to anyone who 'loosens up' over a martini, except my consumption of snack foods might be marginally higher."

Her post has been liked nearly 2000 times, shared over 150 times and racked-up hundreds of comments on the Scary Mommy Facebook page.

As expected, the reactions to her post were mixed. But surprisingly, and perhaps because marijuana is legal in several US states, the majority of commentators were in support of the mum.

"I use it only after my kids are tucked into bed and never to a state of incapacitation – much like I wouldn't dream of getting passed-out drunk in case I needed to be cognizant during some sort of emergency, I wouldn't smoke myself into a stupor while my children are in my care," the mum explained in her post.

"No driving. No over indulging. I know my limits and don't come close to reaching them. I don't need to.

"I'm active in my kids' lives and in my community, a responsible and trustworthy adult. I'm a good wife, a good friend, a good daughter, and a good mother who loves her kids above all else.


"I have a job, I worry about keeping my family healthy."

She went on to explain that she did not want her kids to try the drug, but couldn't stop them when they were responsible adults.

"To be honest, I'd love them never to touch a drop of anything stronger than coffee, ever in the entire lives, but we all know that's hugely unrealistic," she said.

"I refuse to live under a rock. So when their grown-ups, and capable of making rational grown-up decisions it won't bother me if they decide to use a little ganja once in a while.

"All I know is, they'd better be prepared to share. Puff, puff, pass."

While she admitted to expecting her revelation to attract a barrage of criticism, the writer would be pleasantly surprised by most of the reaction so far.

Theresa Huemiller said: "As long as it's not around the kids, I think it's someone's personal prerogative how they choose to relax. Alcohol is a drug, just like marijuana and as long as it is used responsibly I don't see an issue."

But, despite the support the US woman received, anyone using cannabis to relax in Australia is breaking the law.

According to the NSW Health website long-term negative effects of cannabis use include increased risk of lung cancer and other diseases of the respiratory system, decreased motivation, decreased concentration, memory and ability to learn new things.

It can also lead to depression and trigger psychological effects, particularly if the person already has a schizophrenic condition or has a pre-disposition to schizophrenia.

Most who were critical of the mum, were upset she admitted smoking weed inside the house.

"Hope no one is smoking a joint while sitting on their couch. Get outside and smoke that," wrote Lisa Stokes.

But for some mums, they didn't like the idea of smoking or drinking.

"I'll just stick to ice cream, the rest of you can fight over useless drugs and alcohol," said another commentator.

"Every girl's got her thing. I don't drink or smoke, but you should have seen what I just did to an ice cream sandwich," said Leah Cardullo.