It's so kawaii: check out the new Pokemon makeup and skincare range

Photo: Supplied
Photo: Supplied 

It doesn't claim to send your skin right back to childhood, but the new Pokemon makeup and skin care range is so cute, you'll feel like you're seven again.

It'll appeal immediately to anybody with a penchant for anything "kawaii" (AKA quality of cuteness), and features Squirtle, Pikachu, Jigglypuff and other much-loved characters in a collection of face and skin care goodies.

The range is the genius of Korean brand Tony Moly, whose attention to detail has totally hit the mark. Just look at the Pikachu blush with Pokeball puff. Irresistible.

Someone just had to have the entire range of hand cream. That's a lot of hand cream.

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There are masks, creams, eye shadows, mascaras, lip colours and nail polishes too.

And what would a Pokemon range be without an adorable stop motion video to go with it?

So you've scrolled all the way to here to find out where to buy and this is where we dismay you. It's only available in Korea from Tony Moly - however, you can try the usual suspects such as Ebay where there are sellers willing to ship overseas.

Otherwise, hit up your jet setting relative or friend and have them bring back the entire collection for you.