Lazy mum hacks we could all use

Liz Meli-Wischman
Liz Meli-Wischman 

Mumming is hard, no matter how many kids you have, or how old they are. But when it comes to mum hacks, I feel like the more realistic and useful hacks come from those that are still deep in the trenches.

Liz Meli-Wischman has four kids under five, so when she shares mum hacks I listen. This is a woman who knows how to prioritise her time! Every Monday, Liz shares a video as part of her #MomSoHardMondays where she shares the mum wisdom she has learnt the hard way, each and every week.

Her latest instalment is full of mum hacks that can make any mother's life run more smoothly. Some of them you might do yourself already, but Liz is handing you a nice slice of justification to keep on doing them, knowing you're not alone.

We're talking tricks like leaving a packet of cookies where your kids can reach them so that, when they wake up before the sun, you can direct them to the food and keep sleeping. Personally, I taught my kids early on how to turn on the TV and find their favourite channel on the remote control for this purpose, but cookies work too.

Liz also suggests forgetting your dirty dishes and moving onto paper plates and cups. Sure, there's the little issue of contributing to the landfill problem, but find some that are biodegradable and relax, knowing the dishes are taken care of.

This genius mom says dealing with dirty laundry is a snap — when you don't have to look at it! Simply stack it in baskets on top of the washer and dryer, shut the door, and forget about it. Sounds good to us.

Liz's solution for laundry might not be quite so easy. She piles dirty clothes into baskets, puts them on top of the washing machine, and then closes the laundry door. Sure, out of sight can mean out of mind, but eventually everyone will run out of clothes, and you'll have to go in there some time.

You need never worry about your house looking messy when you're expecting company though. Liz has the genius idea of just piling all your clutter into your kids' rooms. Kids' rooms are always bomb sites anyway, so nobody expects them to be tidy. You can even roll your eyes and talk about how you're trying to teach them to take better care of their things.

And if you don't have time to shower and wash your hair, no problem! Just sprinkle baby powder through your hair to blot that oil right up. Sure, you might look grey, but you have kids – it's expected. And rather than bathing your kids, knowing they're just going to get filthy the minute they're allowed out of the tub, just spritz them with some perfume and get on with your day.


And finally, after a hard day mum-hacking, you deserve a drink. Teach your oldest kid to grab you a cold one from the fridge, and you're laughing.

Liz told Babble, "The inspiration behind the video was simple because I found myself doing these hacks in my everyday life!" Liz said she hopes she makes some other mums laugh, and perhaps gives them an idea or two.

"Mums are hard workers," she said, "and sometimes we just need to close the door and forget about the laundry for a day or two…or a week."

Yes, we really do.