Mums are too tired to have sex, study reveals

Tiredness is not the only factor impacting on a woman’s sex drive
Tiredness is not the only factor impacting on a woman’s sex drive Photo: Shutterstock

Sit down. We have something shocking to tell you. Mums are tired and it's because of this tiredness they have less desire to have sex, according to a recent study.

We could have told researchers that and saved them the time, but we were too busy being mums and doing all of the things. Well, maybe not doing all of the things, if you get my drift.

So, here's the concrete proof.

According to a new study in the BMJ Open, women's libidos are falling flat. And by that it means, falling flat into bed and snoring.

Researchers surveyed 4,839 men and 6,669 women from the ages of 16-74 and discovered that 15 per cent of men and 34.2 per cent of women didn't want to have sex for at least three months (or more) of the year.

While there are many reasons for a sluggish libido in a long-term relationship – depression, health issues, boredom, age and marital problems – it seems one of the biggest bedroom barriers for women was tiredness.

The study found that for women "having been pregnant in the last year was associated with lacking sexual interest as was having one or more young child".

Unsurprisingly, for men having kids did not change their desire to have sex.

"This may be due to fatigue associated with a primary caring role, the fact that daily stress appears to affect sexual functioning in women more than men or possibly a shift in focus of attention attendant on bringing up small children," the study found.


The study also found that tiredness was not the only factor impacting on a woman's sex drive.

"For women in particular, the experience of sexual interest appears strongly linked with their perceptions of the quality of their relationships, their communication with partners and the expectations/attitudes about sex," the study found.

So let's get this straight. Women who are the primary carer of their children, work inside or outside the home, spend their days ferrying kids around, cleaning, shopping, cooking and working are absolutely exhausted at the end of the day and when they finally get to bed just want to sleep. Is that right? Sounds pretty bang on to me.

It's not saying women don't love sex, they just love sleep a little more at this stage of their life.