Mum's 'before and after' photos are all of us following a big night out

 Photo: Getty Images

It's a parenting truth many of us know all too well: nights out on the town when you have children can be few and far between. When they do happen, being somewhat out of practice, recovery can be pretty brutal, too. And hell, as I'm sure you'll agree, is a hangover with kids.

Allow me, then, to introduce Scottish mum, Donna, whose 18-year-old daughter, Brooke, shared these images with the world. 

Donna is all of us before - and after - a night out. 

The first photo shows Donna looking sharp as she heads off to a Lady Gaga tribute show at her local pub. Fabulous shoes? Check. Appropriate amount of bling? You bet. Smokey eye? Nailed it, Donna. The second photo, however, depicts mum looking a little less fresh the morning after.

Oh, and the afternoon after, too. We don't bounce back from those hangovers very quickly either, Donna.

We're not the only ones seriously relating to Donna's Big Night Out. The pictures have gone viral, shared almost 8,000 times.


Thankfully, Donna took the internet fame in her stride - and is still on speaking terms with her teenage daughter.

"She's just glad she can make so many people laugh at the state she wakes up in after a night at the pub!" Brooke told "She thinks it's hilarious. She doesn't know who she feels more sorry for, William, her husband, having to wake up next to that or myself and my sisters as that's what we'll look like in 20 or so years!"

Never change, Donna.