No glass needed - now your Prosecco comes in nail polish form

Now you can have bubbly on your fingernails with Groupon's gimmick nail polish.
Now you can have bubbly on your fingernails with Groupon's gimmick nail polish. Photo: Groupon

Ah, Mother's Day. It's the time when a rash of way-out, ridiculous and downright bizarre new products come onto the market (or are simply repackaged to appeal to a hapless husband looking desperately for a last-minute gift).

And here's this year's offering: a nail polish made from the budget-conscious alcoholic drink called Prosecco.

Yes, most of us have had a tipple of this sparkling wine, and now you can wear it on your fingertips and have a taste as you walk the kids to school, or tap out a masterpiece of a report at work.

Well, that's if you win a bottle.

The nail polish was created by Groupon, who is running a competition to give away bottles of the varnish to an undisclosed number of lucky entrants. The blurb reads, "Combining our love for manicures and prosecco, this nail varnish is made with real prosecco and smells and tastes just like the real thing."

We checked the ingredient listing and we hope that the actual Prosecco we've consumed isn't made with those ingredients, but we'll admit, this is a cute gimmick and some pretty savvy marketing by Groupon. The spiel continues with, "With a delicate gold lustre, this lick-able polish looks exquisite, giving you the fun of the flavour without a sore head the next day."

The results speak for themselves: the glittery gold ombre finish would make anyone want a bottle of this stuff (and it's a huge improvement on the notion of the KFC-flavoured polish from a while back).

Go on over to the Groupon UK site to enter. There's very little information about whether they will ship it to Australia and how many bottles are up for grabs, but I entered with no problems at all. Fingers (Prosecco flavoured fingers, at that) crossed!