Revealed: what superpower most parents wish they had

Parents are real life superheros.
Parents are real life superheros. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Who hasn't wished for a superpower before? It turns out nine out of 10 parents have!

Not surprisingly the top superpower parents wish for, according to new research, is invisibility in order to get a bit of quiet time. 

The other top parent superpower desires include the ability to fly, never get tired and being able to time travel.

Vitabiotics Wellkid vitamins commissioned the research to launch their partnership with Marvel, asking 2000 parents what superpower they would choose if they had the chance.

 X-ray vision was high on the wish list for parents wanting to make sure their kids don't get up to mischief.  And almost one in four mums and dads would like healing abilities, to help them quickly take care of their kids when they're hurt.

Some parents were a bit more realistic, with one in 10 saying they'd simply settle for a superpower that made kids keep their bedrooms tidy. Yes, we hear you! 

Others popular superpowers include super strength and speed, being able to stop time and the ability to get ready at the click of their fingers - something which would be handy getting the kids out the door before school. Mind reading is also a skill caretakers of kids wouldn't mind, with 22 percent of parents in the study leaning towards the power of telepathy.

But while parents may wish for superpowers, it is superheros themselves who popular with kids. Over half of the parents surveyed saying they think superheros are a positive influence on children and that they can teach children compassion.

Half the parents also admitted to using their kids love of superheros to help them out, using lines such as "Thor would eat this", when trying to get their kids are being fussy.


A spokesman for Vitabiotics Wellkid vitamins said that everyone loves superheros, and parents are the real-life version. 

"While superpowers sadly don't exist in the real world, there's probably a few parents who wish they did to make their parenting lives a bit easier," they said.

Young Boy Dressed as Superhero

Young Boy Dressed as Superhero Photo: Getty Images


  1. Invisibility
  2. Flying
  3. Time travel
  4. Teleportation
  5. Super strength
  6. Super healing abilities
  7. Telepathy
  8. Super speed
  9. Talking to animals
  10. Super intelligence
  11. Never feeling tired
  12. The ability to stop time
  13. Immortality
  14.  Constantly full of energy
  15. Being able to breathe underwater
  16. Being able to get ready - showered, dressed, clean teeth etc - at the click of a finger
  17. Invulnerability (impossible to hurt in any way)
  18. Psychic
  19. X-Ray vision
  20. Become a human lie detector - instantly know when someone isn't quite telling the truth