The 'Dadbag' is the accessory we never asked for

The Dadbag is here to make your dadbod dreams come true.
The Dadbag is here to make your dadbod dreams come true. Photo: Instagram/dadbag

Well, we've found it - the ultimate in accessories we never asked for and never wanted.

Introducing the 'Dadbag', a bum bag designed to give its wearer an instant dadbod - in all its hairy glory.

Take a look:


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If you're wondering where on earth an idea like this comes from, then wonder no longer! The story behind the bag is a simple one. London-based designer, Albert Pukies, had a dream: he wanted a dadbod - without the downsides.

"I made the Dadbag because I'm desperate to have a dad bod but I'm also very concerned about the health risks associated with it," Pukies wrote on a post for Bored Panda. "The solution is quite simple, a bum bag with a proper dad belly printed on it. Now I can put on a dad bod whenever I feel like it and even store my valuables in it."



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Achievement unlocked, Pukies, achievement unlocked.


If - like this ingenious chap - you're also longing for a dadbod, a body type summed up as: "I go to the gym occasionally, but I also drink heavily on the weekends and enjoy eating eight slices of pizza at a time", then these bum bags are quite the investment. They're not just aesthetically - ahem - accurate, they're versatile, too.



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Along with being multi-purpose - handy for stashing your keys or your mobile or your afternoon cold one - they also come in quite the range.

Which dadbod are you? Photo: Arthur Pukies

For example, you can go with a classic "Allen", a sunburnt "Wolfgang" or a particularly hairy "Sherman" if that's more to your liking. Basically, when it comes to the Dadbag, you do you.

Sadly - or happily - the Dadbag isn't yet available for purchase. Pukies is currently seeking "production partners" to make his dadbod dream a reality, and is hoping to go into mass production "soon". 

Given dadbods continue to be oh-so on trend, he may not have to wait too long. Mattel released dadbod Ken earlier this year, while the "hairy chest swimsuit" allowing women to rock a dadbod at the beach had the internet saying "But ... why?" just a few months ago.

We can only imagine what dadbod-related paraphernalia they'll come up with next!


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