The easy way to choose the perfect lipstick colour ... if you dare

 Photo: Getty Images

Ladies, listen up: do we have a beauty hack you're going to want to hear about.

Whether or not you want to try it out is an entirely different story, but I digress ...

During a recent episode of the US series The Doctors, the team shared that to find your perfect "nude" lip colour all you need to do is match your lippy to your nipples. 

Yep. No more standing under the fluorescent lights at the beauty counter doing these ones:

Instead, a quick peek down your shirt in Priceline should do the trick.

Since the episode aired in late April, the internet has had a number of feelings about this strange beauty tip.

Many pointed out the logistical issues involved in the nipstick technique. Will makeup stores need to install dressing rooms, for example? Or some kind of draw-around curtain perhaps?


And while skeptics abound, others are already completely convinced of its genius:

Look, it's worth a try ... we guess?