This is the 'realistic' make-up tutorial helping women everywhere feel normal

Tanya Hennessy has created a hilarious makeup tutorial video for real people.
Tanya Hennessy has created a hilarious makeup tutorial video for real people.  Photo: Facebook

We've all seen those gorgeous women on YouTube applying crazy expensive cosmetics, showing off skills we can only dream of, right? They make it look so incredibly easy. 

But for most of us, the reality is pretty different. We rush to do our own makeup in the two minutes we have left before we have to be out the door, while coordinating different types of breakfast, packing school and kindy bags, and shaking off the children swinging off each limb.

Who has the time and money for expensive products and hours spent highlighting, strobing and contouring?

Australian comedian Tanya Hennessy has created a make-up tutorial video for the rest of us. Even she admits she has no idea what she's doing in her "Realistic Makeup Tutorial", and we can all relate to the results.

Starting out using a brush she bought in 2002 and has never cleaned, Tanya applies primer - but she has no idea why, or what it actually does. She bought it against her will from a woman who was so intimidatingly beautiful, Tanya felt powerless to resist. "She was really attractive and I was threatened by her, so I was like, 'I'll just buy it'."

This reasoning probably makes up a healthy percentage of all beauty counter sales.

Tanya then goes on to apply her makeup using a magnifying mirror that brings "a lot of things to my attention".

Then it's time to apply foundation. Tanya chooses between two products she owns depending on whether she's tanned or not. But applying the foundation brings further flaws to her attention: she notes she's "definitely got a little mo" that is all too noticeable once the foundation is clinging to all the tiny hairs.

Tanya then proceeds to mess up her brows and make them all wonky, and then attempts to contour, without a single clue of what she's doing or how she should be doing it.

Then it's onto eyes, with a "brown tone" eye shadow being applied with another brush that needs washing. The brush still has some black on it from when she did her "slutty eye" for a recent event. Then she blends the entire eye area with the comment, "I don't know what I'm doing."

She finishes her look with six year old mascara ("Oh, she's clumpy"), a lip pencil and a Chapstick that has seen better days.

And she's done. Her conclusion: "My eyebrows don't look great. I can't see out of my right eye because I think I've got an infection from the mascara."

But, she optimistically declares, "Anyone can wear makeup, just give it a go."