5 cash-free Tooth Fairy ideas that won't disappoint

Waiting for the Tooth Fairy
Waiting for the Tooth Fairy Photo: Getty Images

The Tooth Fairy is awesome. She's this gorgeous little flying creature who takes away hideous rejected body parts and replaces them with cold hard cash. If I didn't have to touch those creepy teeth myself, I'd think she was perfect.

But the money aspect is a concern for me. A quick vox pop of our friends found the Tooth Fairy is delivering anything between 50 cents and $10 a tooth in various households, but nobody could tell me a single thing their kids had done with their Tooth Fairy money. It just seems so unspecial.

There's nothing wrong with giving cash from the Tooth Fairy, if that's your thing. It's just that I'd like my kids to have something they'll remember from the Tooth Fairy. And I wanted to come up with something that would be special just from her, like the Easter Bunny with his chocolate eggs.

So if, like me, you're looking for some fresh Tooth Fairy ideas, you might like to try one of these.

1. Precious stones

If your child likes to collect things, precious stones are a wonderful way to mark each occasion of a lost tooth. You could even buy a velvet lined box to keep them in to make it super special when the first tooth is lost, and then buy a different precious stone for them to keep with each tooth. By the time they have lost their final molars, they will have a beautiful collection.

2. Books

Sure, your kids have a lot of books already, but if you can find a series of books your child might enjoy over the years, and start with the first one when your child loses their first tooth, it will provide something to look forward to with each tooth loss. Not only do they have the excitement of losing their tooth, but they have special time with their parent finding out what happens next to a favourite character. I did this with my daughter and I chose the Harry Potter series, because the characters and the plots became more grown up as she did.

3. Personalised poems


Each time your child loses a tooth, write a special poem that is all about them, their friends and family, and what they love to do. It doesn't have to be a Shakespearean sonnet, but if it's personal and heartfelt, it will make your child feel very loved. And the collection of poems will be like a time capsule celebrating different ages and will make a wonderful keepsake in an album.

4. Foreign money

Okay, technically this is still cash, but if your child dreams of travelling around the world some day, the Tooth Fairy could give them a coin from a different country for each tooth. That means that with each tooth loss, they have the opportunity to start saving for their holiday in each country, and you also have the opportunity to plan where you would go when you visit, perhaps cook some cuisine from that country for dinner that night, and learn a few words of the language together (maybe they could learn 'I have lost my tooth' in 20 different languages!).

5. Temporary tattoo

Kids love temporary tattoos and, as with real tattoos, they're much better if they actually mean something. The Tooth Fairy could leave her calling card of a temporary tattoo that you child will love with each visit. If your child loves fairies, your choice is easy. Otherwise, anything they are into is still fine. If you have a sound sleeper on your hands, you could even apply it while they're sleeping and they could wake up to find the Tooth Fairy has been and left her mark!

It's not hard to create a bit of fairy magic around your child's lost teeth, so if you're looking for a cash-free alternative, give one of these a go. And of course, you can use glitter and tiny footprints (Barbie shoes work a treat) to ensure your Tooth Fairy leaves her mark.