Coins for Connie: Samuel Johnson's sister needs your help to break a world record before cancer claims her life

Samuel Johnson with his sister Connie, who is aiming to break the world record for longest line of five cent coins - ...
Samuel Johnson with his sister Connie, who is aiming to break the world record for longest line of five cent coins - while raising money for cancer research. Photo: Love Your Sister Facebook

In 2014 actor Samuel Johnson broke the world record for the longest unicycle journey – raising awareness and funds for cancer through his Love Your Sister, campaign. 

His mission was a deeply personal one: Samuel's older sister Connie, a mother-of-two young boys, was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer, at the age of 33.

Now it's Connie's turn to break a record – and she needs our help. The young mum wants to break the record for the longest line of five cent coins. And, as the pair write on their page, she needs to do it before "the cancer gets her".

Coins for Connie: to break the world record, Connie needs 4 million five-cent pieces.
Coins for Connie: to break the world record, Connie needs 4 million five-cent pieces. Photo: Facebook@Love Your Sister

On 7 November, 37-year-old Connie posted a photo of a sunset to the Love Your Sister Facebook page, from inside The Canberra Hospital.

"My cancer is growing in my liver and I have just started more chemotherapy to try to buy me some more time with my wonderful friends and family," she wrote. "As I grow older, and watch my children do the same, I realise that there is never a good time to lose a parent, so I must focus on today and enjoy having them by my side, even if Willoughby always beats me at Connect Four, and Hamilton makes paper planes that fly much further than mine. I love my family, I love this village." 

In a further update to the page on Wednesday, Johnson asked his Love Your Sister "villagers" to gather around the campfire. He then shared that Connie, who has battled cancer three times, the first time at just 11 years old - is no longer stable. 

"The breast cancer is attacking her liver," he writes. "I don't want to alarm anyone, but action in the liver can lead to a quick deterioration." 

Johnson adds that because his sister had been stable for so long, "stupidly" he started taking her good health for granted. 


"I feel like a complete idiot," he writes.

Johnson, whose uni-cycling efforts raised $1.5 million for breast cancer research, says that Connie now wants to break a world record of her own.

"Man, have I got an epic sister," Johnson wrote. "She had caught wind of the 5 cent coin being phased out and decided that she wanted to break the record for longest line of coins. That's right! The current record stands at 75.4kms and is held by a town in Austria."

While their next record-breaking feat was scheduled for 2017, Johnson shares that when "the stupid cancer decided to hold a riot in Connie's liver", he felt compelled to bring the challenge forward.

To make Connie's dream a reality, Love Your Sister have joined forces with Questacon, The Royal Australian Mint and The National Institute of Measurement to break the record in Canberra, Connie's hometown, so she can be there to see it.

"If she starts seeing it and feeling it now," he writes, "then it'll lift her spirits, which have taken a beating."

Johnson writes that they need 4 million five-cent pieces, adding that the treasurer estimates that there is $37 worth of coins in each household in the country.

"I'm asking you for them straight up," Johnson says. "The mint will convert your doughies into 5 cent coins for us (12 x 44 gallon drums full) but we need to raise $195,775.05."

Johnson adds that when he met with the Mint, the "gang" said they'd been keen to break the record for some time, but hadn't found a group capable of making it happen.

"If anyone can, it's us, right?" he says.

Johnson also shared his "bold" dream of the Mint producing a Love Your Sister coin – "the ultimate keepsake" for his beloved sister, not just for breaking the record, "but for all the hard work she's done since she got sick."

That's the dream, Johnson writes. "It was going to happen next year but I'm making it now."

Love Your Sister is asking people to donate as many metres as they can – 1 metre = $2.90. The Mint will then convert them into five cent coins.

In an update to the page on Thursday, Connie shared that they have now raised their first kilometre - $2,576.00. Connie added that if you want to donate your actual coins you can do so at any Bendigo Bank - BSB - 633 000
Acc - 156 977 449 using "Coins for Connie" as a reference.

"Thanks for putting a smile on my face on a rough day," she wrote. "And thanks to my brother Sam too, for always caring so much."

And the Love Your Sister, villagers have rallied, raiding piggy banks and sharing their "metres".

"5 metres donated," wrote one villager. "1 Meter for myself, my hubby, my son and daughter and one for my dad who lost his fight on the 26/08/2016. Keep up the good fight Connie. You are truly an inspiration."

"This is the first time I have logged into a website and donated as soon as I read a post," wrote another. "Normally I um and ah for a few days before deciding I am too poor or a cause definitely needs my support. There is something about your love for your sister Samuel that gets me every time. We need more men like you in this world. If love could cure cancer you would have kicked it in the junk by now."

If you need a heart-lift today, and so many of us do, this is a wonderful cause to get behind. Let's help Connie break her record – and raise much needed funds for cancer research.

For more information and to donate your metres, visit:

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