David and Victoria Beckham "watching pennies" now they have four kids

David and Victoria Beckham.
David and Victoria Beckham. Photo: Shutterstock

Poor David Beckham has revealed he's not quite as wealthy as he used to be, now that he has four children to support. The ex-football star revealed he and wife Victoria are more frugal than they used to be to ES magazine recently.

"We used to be very extravagant in what we'd buy each other," he said. "But we're obviously saving the pennies now because we have so many children to be extravagant with."

David added, "So it's the simple things, really. It's more about spending time together, going for a simple dinner together. Having a nice bottle of wine together."

Although a 'simple' dinner and bottle of wine probably still cost more than what most of us spend on rent.

It was reported last year that Victoria dropped over £2000 (about AUD3500) on a bottle of wine, so if that's the Beckhams being frugal, they're probably not in danger of running out of cash any time soon.

It seems Victoria's taste in wine has improved though, thanks to David.

"She went through a stage of drinking a nice Blue Nun and a little bit of Lambrusco, but now it's changed," he said. "I've introduced her to good, decent wine."

Nothing like a decent bottle of £2000 wine to make you forget how poor you are.