My 10-year-old daughter is an eBay entrepreneur

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Photo: Shutterstock Photo: Shutterstock

Our middle child has recently developed a taste for reselling her old toys on eBay and she's doing so well that she can now afford to buy her own.

And it's not only her old toys, she's sold supermarket collectables, craft and is now beginning to on-sell collector toys. 

She pre-orders the popular ones, holds onto them until their value goes up and then resells them at a higher price. She spends hours searching sites to know which items will be most popular and is quick to snap them up when they first hit the stores. 

To say she is always on the lookout for her next big seller is an understatement. This is her passion and our whole family is watching keenly as our mini mogul starts her first enterprise. 

And aside from communicating with buyers and handling the payments (which her dad helps her with), she does it all by herself. She photographs her items, lists them and packages them for posting. 

We've talked a lot about putting aside a portion of the money she makes for savings, putting some back into her business for costs, donating to charity, and keeping a little aside to buy herself treats.

At the moment, her small business is just that, small, but I won't be surprised if one day we'll have to talk to her about bigger issues like getting an ABN and paying tax. 

And it's not just eBay. She's also interested in starting her own Etsy account. She is keen to start selling her homemade craft. From wands to customising dolls, she is always making things and has her sights set on opening a shop of her own.

It's wonderful to watch our 10-year-old think up new ideas and pursue opportunities.  


Supporting her in her entrepreneurial endeavours is both a learning experience, but also exciting. To see someone find their passion at such a young age and have the drive to turn it into a money-making exercise is awesome.

Helping my daughter to learn about financial independence, setting her own goals and chasing her dreams is what being a parent's all about. 

As a woman, I know all too well the importance of encouraging girls to pave their own path in life. Financial control is vital to being a strong and empowered individual. 

She's not a princess. She's not going to sit around waiting for her prince. She's going to make her own rules and stand on her own two feet. 

My little business executive will also help pave for the way for other women as she too is a big believer in girls shaping their own destiny. 

Whatever path she chooses will be a success, maybe she'll have her own Fortune 500 company one day?

And at this rate, my mini business mogul is off to a good start and I couldn't be prouder.